This Villa Might be Paradise

Leigh Leigh
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Photographed by Spanish photographer Eugeni Pons, this beautiful home is a Spanish villa taken to the next level. If James Bond lived in Spain, this is the house that he would choose to live in! The luxury, the views, the cutting edge architecture all amalgamate in the most incredible and advanced design. 

If you follow us on this tour, you will see things that you've never seen before. Luxurious rooms, sweeping open plan spaces, character, texture and style and of course, an infinity pool that will blow your mind. 

As Laurie Anderson once said, Paradise is exactly like where you are right now… only much, much better.

Let's go and explore paradise!

A view of paradise

From the get go, we can see what the twist is here. This is a Spanish villa that has taken size and architectural design to new heights! 

The first thing that we notice from the exterior is how the architects have worked with the natural surrounds, blending this beautiful big house into the environment around it. How have they achieved this?

Well, the architects have gone for very neutral colours and materials—stone, cement and wood. Don't you think this creates a very rustic, warm and earthy look and feel to the house?

This is contrasted against the sheer size of the home as well as the striking wide open spaces in the design. Bedrooms are protected from view with light, wooden screens while the rest of the house transitions between the exterior and the interior flawlessly. This is because the design is meant to incorporate the nature around it as well as the incredible views.

Our favourite part of this photograph is the subtle and understated patio, where two stylish white camping chairs are positioned on the corner. Simple, sophisticated and chic!

Mirror, mirror

Moving into the interior of the home, we can see how the design transcends, captured perfectly by the photographer. 

An inside living room space mirrors the outside terrace space, where white furniture, straw mats, concrete floors and stone walls are utilised. Large glass doors separate these two areas—which is fantastic for winter—but also open up in summer, allowing for a much larger leisure area. Imagine reading your book in the sunshine and then moving inside for a nap in the shade, without having to open any doors or walk more than a few steps. This is the height of luxury!

If you want a home that is as effortlessly chic as this one, go for basic white or beige furniture and then add colour in the form of cushions. Plants also add a wonderful, natural form of décor to a space. 

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To infinity and beyond

This is the pièce de résistance of the house and we're sure you can see why!

This infinity pool is huge—you could play a game of water volleyball and there would still be space for the kids to play a whole different game on the other side of the pool! The size adds absolute luxury to the space. If you have a big enough garden, build a swimming pool worth being proud of, like this one.

An infinity pool is a fantastic option when you live on a hill and have panoramic views like these. And wow, have you seen the views! Beautiful ocean waves and lush green bushes and trees are all in the line of sight—waking up to this every morning is like waking up in paradise. 

Would you ever leave the pool if this was it?

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A step back

This photograph shows the open space that leads out onto the swimming pool, equipped with a living room and a dining room. The photographers have truly captures how this grand, open space opens up onto the large, grand swimming pool where there is a very thin barrier between the interior and the exterior.

Imagine this house in Cape Town or Durban in summer?

It's the perfect entertainment area design, where the cement floors ensure that no matter what is spilled or dropped, cleaning will be easy. 

The wooden dining room table is also light and bright, adding a classic mix of furniture into the space. Lots of people can also fit around this table—perfect for family breakfasts or lunches by the poolside. 

What the designers have shown here is that you don't need over the top ornate rooms or too many bold colours to really make a statement.

Cool comfort

This is one of our favourite spaces in our Spanish Villa with a Twist, where relaxation is the key here. But how have the designers managed to achieve this look and feel?

For starters, they've used recliner chairs that exude comfort, style and relaxation. Imagine nestling yourself into one of these chairs where you are sitting back with your feet up? Comfortable chairs are a must for any area that is designed for peace and tranquility.

A pot plant and a black and white picture of a man meditating are also both key in this design. They have been carefully selected to add a subtle sense of minimalist ambiance to the room. Don't you feel calm just looking at that photograph?

Books are also in abundance, casually piled together in the corner. This isn't a space for restrictions or rules, it's a space for creativity and ideas. 

You could even whip out your yoga mat and get to work!

Bedroom basics

We end off our tour in the bedroom, where the themes of white and beige continue, adding a very simple and sophisticated twist.

Our favourite part of this space is the bamboo-looking screens that divide up the room, keeping the bathroom private from the rest of the bedroom. Our second favourite element in this bedroom is the wooden platform that raises the bed above from the ground. The bamboo and the platform add a gorgeous, oriental theme to the bedroom. Who needs a mattress base when you have this design?

The designers have added a touch of green to the space as well, which works beautifully with the wood. It also mirrors the trees outside. Green has been added in the form of cushions and a picture on the screen. This is a great tip! Use neutral furniture and then add in splashes of colour in subtle ways. It also means that you can change your design and style, just by swapping out some cushions or replacing a picture on the wall.

We trust that you have loved this tour and we are certain that just like us, you are dreaming of living in a home just like this!

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What an unbelievable home! But what did you like most about it? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...

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