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Every so often, we encounter a structure here on homify 360° that immediately makes us guilty of one of the seven deadly sins: lust. No, not the lust for a huge plate full of carbs and sugar, but the lust of wanting to reside in a gigantic palace (the word “house” doesn’t cut it in this case), as the one we’ll be viewing today. 

Join us on our travel to South America, where Brazilian architect Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris from Americana, São Paulo, shares with us the epitome of architectural royalty. Dubbed “The Emperor House” by its creator, this majestic space boasts a terrific combination of steel, concrete and glass, all culminating in a fashionable and ultra modern residence. 

Taking up no less than 550 square metres, get ready for some jaw-dropping visions of the majestic paradise palace.

The royal façade

Who could be blamed for thinking we have ended up in Beverly Hills with a vision such as this? But no, this grandiose façade is located in São Paulo. A breathtaking collage of style, space and luxury makes up this front side of the dream structure, sporting a cool collection of off-whites and creamy tones.

Those familiar with the works of Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris will recognise his distinctive style that he exhibits in his creations. He values curved lines and uses them quite frequently, both on the outside of his designs, as well as in the interiors. 

Another one of his characteristic is how nature is seemingly reflected in the details. The curves, lines and colours that he uses all seem less man-made and more natural, yet still boasts an ultra deluxe look.

Bright vision

The word “garage” sounds too unattractive to name this space we see in the image, so we’ll just opt to call it the car park. Stunningly integrated into a spacious niche in the front side of the house, this section too shows off those stunning light hues.

Thanks to a multitude of interior- and exterior lights, the entire house shines superbly. Notice the assortment of plants and trees used, incorporated beautifully into the house for a softer, natural appearance. This comes off as a strong artistic personality, and we approve all the way!

Living the life

The stunning double-storey window marks the front entrance, and it is also here where a living room area has been placed. The modern furniture exudes a rich, sensual vibe, with a delightful neutral palette showing off spots of golden and silver hues.

Mirror coatings have been added to the wall to maximise the lush natural light streaming in through the generous window. As a nod to the exterior sections, plants and curvy designs have been implemented here as well.  

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A chic dining experience

Right next to the living/seating area is a grandiose staircase (in a stylish curvy design). This separates the seating area from the dining section, pictured here. 

Still flowing smoothly through those neutral colours, a coating of dusty crimson has been added to the one wall for a striking effect. The stunning dining table with its luxurious chairs exude an alluring vibe, strong enough to make us wish we could dine on even a bowl of cereal in this glorious room.  

The internal divisions of the house have been designed to be not only breathtakingly astonishing, but also practical. For this reason, the spacious rooms lead out onto a multitude of verandas and balconies, and are all systematically connected to the leisure area at the back, which we’ll discover shortly.

Sweet dreams guaranteed

This is just one of the many bedrooms here, chosen for its warm and earthy tones that remind us of a sunny autumn afternoon. True to the modern style, linear designs show up quite frequently, not only here but also in the rest of this grand residence. 

However, it’s not hard to spot the curvy swishes delicately winking at us from the artwork, the decor, and the ceiling. 

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Cleansing in style

The owners’ bathroom, where luxury is at the order of every bath or teeth-brushing. Refined marble was chosen for this area, decked out in neutral tones that lean slightly towards the golden spectrum of colours.  

Spot lighting has been placed at the top of the mirrors, and a handful of foliage ensures a green and fresh environment. 

Purely spectacular – what else can we say?

Al fresco fun

Now we come to the important part of the tour – the leisure/entertainment areas. After all, with a grandiose space such as this, one cannot expect to shy away from hosting social events. 

The exterior dining space is where we located an entire new dining set, this one sporting stainless steel and a slight tone of sandy blue. The ideal spot for an under-the-stars dining experience, or trying out new cocktails with the friends at the next pool party.

Simply sensational

We have saved the best for last – the back yard with that magnificent swimming pool. Although a lot of the design elements echo a curvy design, the swimming pool takes centre stage. Its ultra fabulous design makes for not only a stunning pool party, but also a unique swimming experience. When last did we witness a design such as this? 

Evidently, night-time is when the swimming pool shows its best side, with the lighting casting mysterious glows on the water surface. 

Pure magic at its finest!

Gorgeous. Extravagant. Those are just our thoughts, but we’d love to know what you think of the house. Sound off, below... 

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