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Are you expecting many visitors this season? Then this Ideabook is for you! Sleep is extremely important, and so is plain old rest, since a lack of sleep or rest can cause several different diseases in the short and long term, such as obesity, loss of brain tissue, heart disease, repetitive negative thoughts—all of which can affect your life severely. 

To sleep and relax as we should, nothing is better than a comfortable sofa bed. The sofa bed has become a trend for households, especially for those without much space. A sofa bed can catch you and make you forget everything. Moreover, they serve you well when you get those unexpected visits from friends and family and do not have an extra bed or bedroom to offer.

Today on homify we will bring you different styles of the ever-popular sofa bed so you can enjoy it at any time! 

1. Modern and sophisticated

You can have a sofa bed in your living room, and if your home is large, you can always have it in the media room. Sofa beds are often used for visitors, so plan well where you want them to sleep when they come over. Similarly, consider what kind of visitors you are most likely to get most often, i.e. the size and weight of potential guests. Also, will they call alone or with company? With these standards you will have a good idea to make a purchase of a sofa bed suited to your needs.

This picture shows a modern and sophisticated chair. The base is not used as a bugger, but as a foundation. It forms a rectangle that is placed on the floor and forms the second or additional base for a hidden, folding bed. An elegant idea of using space and being multi-functional!

2. Colourful and padded

If you are looking for a sofa bed, but not one for your bedroom, this may please you. It is a larger and more detailed design, in fact, it seems as comfortable as an armchair. This bright colour highlights the more subtle colour scheme of its surroundings, and produces an elegant result. The bed may even sleep two people. There's no need for hide the bed from view, only leave it in the upright position until you're ready to recline and relax!

3. Lovely and light

Natureflow, a Mexican company originally from Cancun, Quintana Roo, presents this wonderful sofa concept. It is a simple and user-friendly design. It may be ideal for a small place where you only want one piece. The material used is versatile and goes with everything, no matter the decoration of the other furniture, wood will always look good in any space. The best thing is that this sofa bed has a small integrated table, like a bureau. 

4. Elegance and comfort

Who doesn't like to take a nap? For naps there is nothing better than a quiet, single space. This sofa design is based on simplicity, ideal for a small and cosy place. This is ideal for a room with low light or which is darker, like in the image. A sofa such as this is perfect for the dual function of bed and seat. The décor is still very important, since it is not displayed as a single bed with the veneer of a sofa, but gives you a more youthful and creative touch. 

5. Simple and ready at any moment

No more and no less. This is a design that is ready for use at any time. This sofa bed which does not use rocket science or specialised technology, and requires no installation. All that remains is to lie down and cover up with a blanket.

Pillows against the wall support the structure in two ways: firstly for when it is used as a chair or couch and you don't want to rest your back against a hard and cold wall. On the other hand, whiles sleeping, the wall pillows can be removed for more space and comfort.  

6. A sofa bed in the office

A sofa bed in the office is not a bad idea. It not be like the previous ones, like the sofa bed in this image—suitable for the workplace. A stylish recliner can be turned into a bed. Its simplicity makes it look very elegant and appropriate for the professional space. Forget the traditional black leather chair, give your office life with this sofa bed design!

7. Compact and fabulous

There are different styles of sofa bed, from the colours to design. You might not only looking for a sofa bed to sleep two people, but which can also be a seat for two. If you are going to let your guests sleep on a sofa bed, you might as well make it very comfortable. So, make the sofa bed a focus and not only a functional piece. Look at the shape of different sofas and choose a good design, after which you can evaluate if this is the most comfortable for sleeping. 

8. For children

There are couches with several mechanisms, among the most common are the reclining back which can also transform a sofa into a bed. The cushions on the couch in this image will slide with reclining to form a mattress. The support for this transformation is cleverly hidden in the structure of the couch.

9. In all sizes

The sofa bed is more fashionable and cheaper than a conventional bed. They are ideal for independent people, and most of them suit a single personal. They do not need much maintenance, just a shake and a clean with a damp cloth. So, they look diving, decorate your home, and will not look like just a boring old bed.

We recommend using this type of cushions for your sofa bed, and to play with the colours and shapes. For a sofa bed with a more formal look, just keep it clean—that will suffice.

For more inspiration, you might like to: Chill! In Your Own Restful Space.

Do you have guests dropping by unexpectedly? Which one of these sofa beds would work best in your home? Let us know!

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