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From continent to continent, homify 360° transports you to exquisite architectural creations to relish in different styles, structures and striking designs. Our latest find takes us all the way to South America, where Columbian team Colectivo Creativo brings us a compact little creation that is definitely worthy of our attention. 

A lot of architects and homeowners feel the need to move away from large, unnecessary spaces filled with excessive objects. Instead of being surrounded by an abundance of elements, they prefer to steer clear of the needless and focus on the must-have instead. As a result, less square metres are taken up by housing constructions, which not only saves money, but also aids in the clever usage of energy resources and space. This is where the age of modular houses started, and it is such an example which we’re viewing today. 

But by no means does going smaller mean going unstylish. Quality of life and comfort are essential ingredients for a happy and peaceful lifestyle, and it is these qualities that we bear in mind when we look at the 36 square metre creation today. 

A façade of building blocks

A distinctive vision hits us as we approach the petite creation. Different types of wooden coatings (in neat block shapes) adorn the exterior, attracting our attention with its delightful checkerboard pattern. It’s a beautiful mix of light beige, reddish browns, and cool blacks that make up the house from the outside.

A stunning little terrace has been added to the side of the house, complete with garden chair so we can really appreciate that eye-catching landscape. And from this angle, it seems that more wood has been used on the inside, but before we cross that threshold…

Another stunning façade shot

This time at dusk, a side view of the container shows that it's just as stunning from another angle, and in another light. The little extension deck and white chair make for a beautiful, welcoming home that beckons even lovers of mansions to see what's inside.  

The front view

… let’s take a view from the front, where the main entrance is located. ‘Impressive’ is what we’ll call the unique look of this modern little house, made so visible by clear lines, large windows, and a striking marriage between the multi-coloured woods. 

The house fits in beautifully with its green surroundings, making it a man-made and designed part of nature. Notice the plants and shrubs added to the front, next to the main entrance patio – did we not say that small can be stylish? 

That is the beauty of modular houses – choose your location (beach view, near the mountains, whatever takes your fancy), add the quick and cost-effective assembling of materials, and you’re done!

Living not so large

Time for the interiors! It is basically one open-plan that makes up the inside of the house, with walls and corridors marking off some of the rooms. But not the kitchen, dining space and living room, which flow seamlessly into one another. This is the first space where the front door leads us to. 

The kitchen presents all the necessary equipment and storage space. It exudes a clean, calm ambience with its white tones and minimalist design, reflected peacefully in the dining- and seating areas. 

As we predicted, wood is the main star of the interiors, lending a natural and warm atmosphere to the house.

Light and bright

Clear glass sliding doors add an abundance of natural lighting to the house, allowing fresh air and sunlight to flood all corners. And interior lighting adds that necessary warm glow as soon as sunlight calls it a day.

The modern furniture fit splendidly into this ‘less is more’ space, its pale and cool colours brilliantly contrasting with the warmer tones of the wood. 

Notice that clean, sandy beach-coloured tone of the wooden floor. It makes walking barefoot inside seem equally soft and pleasing as doing it on that spacious lawn outside.

Small enough for big ideas

A narrow hallway leads us to a guest bedroom that doubles as the home office. To add some visual space to the room, a clear window brings in the sunlight, as well as a bit of that gorgeous landscape outside. Decorations have been limited to wall art, saving up floor space, yet still ensuring a touch of character and friendliness. 

Big or small, the home office presents its unique set of characteristics. Take a look at homify’s extensive range of study/office areas.

Small and peaceful

It’s a quick look at the main bedroom before we depart. Natural lighting, wall décor, and a clean pale palette have been used to maximise the visual space – and it works perfectly. 

Three windows have been added here to insert touches of the surrounding greenery. And that urban photograph above the bed adds a unique contrast to the calm and peaceful ambience that is so enjoyable here. 

This is simplicity done right, moving away from that “we've been robbed” feeling to the “this is a peaceful life” vibe instead. The entire house exudes a still, country life vibe, with a colour palette and material mix that adds the right amount of peace and friendliness.

Small housing done right! 

Want some more simplistic beauty of modular houses? See: A Shining Example of a Prefab Home.

Clean, small and simple – is this the dream way of living, or not? What do you think? Let us know...

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