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The 6 most beautiful ideas for high walls

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Older homes are usually designed with high walls adding luxurious appeal to the interior of a rustic home. But, that doesn't mean that this architecture limits the decor. In fact, this may be an ideal means of enhancing your interior in style and designer features. In this homify feature, we look at 6 tips and tricks to use high rooms to their full potential. Consider dramatic curtains and stunning chandeliers to decorate your high walls in brilliant elements that are eye-catching and attractive. Our team of professionals are sure to inspire you with these helpful hints and ideas. 

1. Accessible storage space

Our first idea to design high walls includes creating a usable mezzanine level that is perfect as a private bedroom in your studio or loft apartment. This will free up floor space inside the apartment, allowing you to incorporate an adorable kitchen and even living space that is modern and minimalist.

2. Above the kitchen

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Here's another look at how to decorate those high walls perfectly. Add an intermediate floor above your kitchen and you'll use your high rooms to their full potential as a pantry, so you don't have an excuse to run out of groceries or keep pots and pans neat and tidy at the same time. 

3. Suspend the ceiling

This is a fancy means to design the high walls of your interior, creating an impressive decor that is sleek and sophisticated. Suspended ceilings are the perfect use of high walls, offering sensational illumination that is sure to upgrade the design of the modern living room in beautiful detail.

4. ​High shelves

If high walls are already existent in the home, then use the high rooms to their full potential with ceiling reaching shelves. This will maximise storage, and can be customised to fit any space, from the kitchen to the living room and even a dressing room idea in the bedroom. Lighter hues will accentuate the spacious appeal, especially when paired with dramatic illumination.

5. Arts and culture

Use those high walls to display your adoration for all things artistic and cultural, be it those fantastic family memories or even a colourful creative design that you've come up with to decorate your living space in a piece of your personality.

6. Distract the height

If you aren't one to appreciate and design your high walls, then you may want to distract from the height with width. A wide sofa pulls the attention to the horizontal instead of the vertical and illumination placed in just the right spot will accentuate the shadows in a perfect position. Here are Our 6 top tips for a breathtaking home entrance

How have you decorated your high walls?
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