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The 10 most sensational stone garden pictures

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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When we talk about the garden, we think about generous green lawns, lush flower beds, old fruit trees, shrubs and even bushes. But, have you ever considered how a stone garden can add a charming modern aspect to your exterior? This homify feature includes 10 stunning stone garden ideas from the four corners of the globe. So if you're looking for tips and tricks to design your garden, here are some stunning stone garden pictures to inspire you!

1. Magic of the Mediterranean

So you just can't seem to have that Mediterranean holiday, well, how about incorporating the elements on this magnificent decor in your garden. The layout of a stone garden needs hues of blue and green with typical white stone walkways. Mediterranean stoneware is enhanced by matching accessories such as wrought-iron garden furniture, lanterns, columns and terracotta pots and jugs.

2. Mexican detail

Instead of lush green elements, the Mexican garden incorporate cacti, minimalist features and succulents. Cover the sand with gravel and let your stone garden ideas look sleek and chic. This is especially exceptional in a dry climate that resembles a desert.

3. Simple Japanese

Our next feature in this stone garden picture gallery, concentrates on the Japanese Zen garden. Grave, stone, sand and rocks play an integral role in the layout of a stone garden such as this, especially when it comes to relaxing, meditating and being calm and comfortable.

4. Modest modern

If your home is already decorated in minimalist design, you should consider the modern element too. This stone garden has clean lines synonymous with a modern layout and sleek simplicity that is easy on the eye. The fresh greenery is carefully planned without taking up too much space either.

5. Extraordinary English

Bristol city garden in May Karena Batstone Design Modern Garden
Karena Batstone Design

Bristol city garden in May

Karena Batstone Design

A clean, tidy and elegant garden is awesome for those who prefer classic trends instead of the contemporary. This English stone garden is built on a slope, with stairs and a seating area maintaining its idyllic charm and old-fashioned detail. It's probably the best spot for a bit of afternoon tea.

6. Water element

Another one of the sensational stone garden pictures sure to inspire you has to be the water feature option. It's pretty, cool and contemporary, yet there's something so soothing about the sound of water babbling into a modern pond.

7. Wonderful wood

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent Earth Designs Modern Garden
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

Wood is another popular option for a stone garden with a modern appeal. Here we see gravel and stone beds laid on the left and right of a wooden path. The whole area is surrounded by wooden dividers, maintaining privacy and sophisticated charm. 

8. Luscious lawn

Another popular choice in the stone garden picture gallery has to be the evergreen option. Stone slabs lead the way across the luscious lawn, ensuring that the grass remains intact with soil erosion at a minimum.

9. Farmyard

If you adore the idea of cultivating a crop, then farm style stone garden pictures are sure to help your design. Grass is a must-have for that ever green detail, while this stone garden on a slope has adequate drainage, sunshine and strong soil to boot.

10. For the animals

Our look at final stone garden ideas includes one where the animals will be safe, cared for and comfortable. So, whether you have furry friends or a tortoise, you may want to add aspects that appeal to the animal into the garden and they will no doubt feel at home.

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