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A Cutting Edge Home Surrounded by History

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This fantastic home displays the perfect link between historical architecture and new found modern elegance. With its clean lines and minimalist exterior décor, this contemporary family home has perfectly integrated into the historical setting of village life in Portugal. 

The home, created by the expert team at RVDM Architects, have tastefully crafted the structure to be eye-catching amidst the old-school surroundings. Taking architecture to the next level by building this stylish home in a region rich in history and culture.

Exterior views

The all-white exterior of this building shows off the modern ties of the home, while the surrounding greenery within the perimeter allows for appreciation of nature, at the same time creating an elegant appeal. The home was created with outdoor spaces in mind in order to and create different environments, which relate to the interior. 

The first outdoor space was constructed as a transitional space between the village and the residence, while the other two areas were constructed so that interior of the home can enjoy exterior sights of nature and the surroundings.

Inner beauty

This home was built with the idea in mind that social and private living areas should be kept apart. It is therefore planned that the living room, kitchen and dining areas of this modern home be housed in the north east section while the south west wing includes the four bedrooms along with the bathrooms.

An office forms an almost atrium like space between the two specific sections.The social area of the home is brightly illuminated with a deck surrounding the space allowing for the outdoors and fresh air to be enjoyed on warm summer nights.

Bright and beautiful

The lighting of this wonderful contemporary home is further emphasised through the inclusion of large windows, this provides natural sunlight in a magnificent way throughout the day and illuminates the interior from the outside, while at night the opposite takes place with the interior brightening up the exterior.

Due to the separation of living quarters from the private areas of the home, the lighting can be enjoyed as necessary without impacting on members of the household who prefer to sleep a bit earlier, then the rest who are up for a till dawn family gathering filled with laughter and conversation.

Gourmet kitchen

This modern all-white kitchen mirrors the exterior minimalism of this home and if cooking is your favourite past time, then this is most certainly one of our favourite places to be. The use of white décor here creates an appearance of a larger space, making this kitchen seem spacious and fit for any gourmet chef or even just a novice. 

The simple use of modern appliances paves the way for the perfect contemporary cooking space where practicality and functionality are the order of the day.

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Stylish living room

This stylish living room is even more appealing through the inclusion of this absolutely fantastic marble fireplace, certainly one of the most beautiful designer fireplaces the homify team has come across.

The natural stone material, along with the contemporary design, will make any room look and feel comfortable, certainly blending old-fashioned quality with modern ideas to create true perfection. It certainly adds glamour to the already stunning home!

Exceptional design

This gorgeous Portuguese home has all bases covered, from modern and classic interior elements to the contemporary design of both the inside and out. The attention to detail in the design is unbelievable and the team of architects tasked with making this dream home come to life have tackled each aspect excellently.

This dusky view proves that this home is nothing less than the realisation of a modern homeowners' imagination and creativity of a team.

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