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The best tricks for a room without windows

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So you have that one dark, dingy room in your home that is in need of a brilliant upgrade, perhaps it's the bathroom, a dressing room, the bedroom of even the living room. Well, in this homify feature we look add ideas of decorating a room without a window in sleek and simple elegance. However, first begin by ensuring that all your walls and flooring spaces are aligned and use contrasting colours such as sultry darker hues, and brighter shades that enhance the space. It's also vital to include a personal touch, so bear that in mind when decorating your windowless room.

1. Bathroom and no window

The colour of the wall impacts greatly on the illumination, layout and even space of a room without a window. Incorporate mirrors to enhance the light and add soothing colour scheme that evokes luxury and comfort. But, if you're thinking, how do I ventilate a room without windows? Especially, given the humidity of the bathroom, then include an extractor that will turn on when you switch the lights on.

2. Attractive floor design and furniture

Another way of enhancing the bedroom without a window is by changing the orientation of the space. So instead of using it as a bedroom, convert it into a usable dressing room with plenty of illumination and chic hues. You can't go wrong with pastels and vibrant tones, especially in a room without a window. A slightly darker floor contrasts with lighter shelves, so consider that idea to decorate your space. 

3. Lighting action

A bedroom with a window has to do with no natural daylight, so dark colours need to be avoided at all costs. Although dressing rooms, do not necessarily require daylight they could do well with illumination that does the same job, remember to give special attention to the type of furniture and include lighting that with highlight those hidden shelves.

4. Natural elements

Just because there isn't any natural light in the living room, doesn't mean you cannot create an illusion of illumination. Plants will add an elegant effect to the room, bringing in that natural element that is tasteful and stylish. Remember to opt for house plants that flourish low light conditions, or if you prefer something prettier, then a simple floral arrangement can make the world of difference. Plants can also help with your issue on how do I ventilate a room without windows, by enhancing fresh air.

5. Accessories

Choosing the right accessories will mean you room can be enchanting and eye-catching even without a window. A gorgeous mirror, photo frames, a sleek and stylish lamp or even perfectly placed vases are significant to the decor.

6. Artistic features

Our final interior decor option when designing the layout of a room without a window has to be the addition of something artistic. The walls are a blank canvas, so be creative and purchase that one of a kind work of art, or go for a print if your budget is tight. How about these 6 tricks that make low ceilings look higher?

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