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Today on homify we find ourselves in the charming Mediterranean town of Palafrugell in Catalonia, Spain, where a romantic treasure of a home makes its appearance. Under endlessly blue skies and a golden sky, we acquaint ourselves with a rust-coloured family house with many comfortable as well as luxurious features. 

As we will see throughout the entire building's structure and design, the whole house is subject to strong Mediterranean influences, such as the barrel-tiled roof, arched structures, and terracotta-style materials. Very appropriate! It does, however, have several modern twists which create an eclectic style in the home's composition and aesthetics.

We'll take a closer look to see if it is as good as it seems!

Rust and romance

Welcome to the Habitatge Parafrugell—a home certain to make you yearn after a Mediterranean holiday! The house was designed and brought to life by Brick Construction & Design, based in Barcelona. The architects and designers leaned strongly on traditional Mediterranean architectural influences and elements, but combined this with modern features. Here we can see the barrel-tile roof, which is nearly synonymous with the prevailing style of the region. It lends a nostalgic and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the terracotta-coloured home. 

Square and rectangular shapes had been employed for the windows and sliding doors, as opposed to the traditional arched style. This modern twist adds interest and contrast in the building's design. 

Mixture of styles

The interior of the home is also clearly in line with the outwardly visible Mediterranean influences. We can see it here by the arched hallways and earthen-coloured walls. This style is accentuated by strategically placed, warm lighting to set the mood and illuminate particular features of the room's design. 

In the midst of this traditional arrangement, though, we find a half-landing staircase constructed of metal and divided by a glass panel. This is a very contemporary look, which somehow does not seem to be aesthetically contradicting to the rest of the room. The different styles rather complement one another, and an eclectic design is borne to keep all guests guessing for what they'll find next.  

Arched spaces

In the living room of the home, we can clearly see those arched spaces so pronounced in Mediterranean houses. Even if you are not too familiar with different architectural and design styles, you will certainly recognise such a room as something belonging to easy and alluring style predominant in north-eastern Spain. With the earthy, natural colours used here, the room is transformed into a temperate haven for any time of day. 

The furniture used in this space is simple, but with the addition of many different and textured textiles to add depth and comfort to the room. Tactical perimeter lighting offers just the right amount of illumination to keep the style warm and inviting. 

Fine dining

Moving on through this charming and relaxed home, we find ourselves in the open-plan kitchen and dining area. This whole space is surrounded by glass doors and windows, allowing a panoramic view of the stylish porch and fresh garden. 

The kitchen is revolves around a focal kitchen bench, and the majority of appliances and cabinets are streamlined in the right wall of the room. LED strips light the entire area, while pendant task lamps hang lower over the kitchen bench to allow for sufficient light when preparing and cooking meals. 

The dining table seats four—perfect for a small family or intimate breakfasts. The accompanying chairs are covered in a woolly fabric to add some rich texture to the ensemble. 

Luxurious and warm

The romantic quality of the home we have witnessed thus far is fully manifested in the master bedroom of the house. The wooden ceiling beams and rafters are painted white to expand the space, and also add to its Mediterranean soul.

The flooring in this room consists of a sandy-coloured wooden laminate, which suits the neutral tones of the rest of the room very well. A large, low-rise bed is covered with purple fabric to add an intimate touch, whilst a sheer beige fabric is draped above the bed to lend a sense of luxury and comfort. This bedroom does seem like an ideal couple's retreat!

Contemporary additions

When we, at last, find ourselves on the balcony of the house, we find some modern pieces of furniture in a distinct and bold modern style. The bulky and fluent white chairs contrasts well with the terracotta floor and walls in order to perpetuate that eclectic style we first saw upon entering the home. In addition, the balustrades of the balcony are constructed of steel and glass—prominently modern and trendy.

The owners of this home certainly have the best of both worlds when it comes to the design of their home, and rightly so. Why should they have to choose between the nostalgic and the fashionable? The Habitatge Parafrugell is a great example of combining styles for a perfect fit.

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Do you think the Mediterranean and modern elements of this home work well together? Let us know your thoughts!

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