6 brilliant ideas to hide the washing machine in the bathroom

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Although modern appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves and even stoves have seen a design revamp, allowing them to look sleeker and more fashionable, the average washing machine still doesn't look that amazing and chic. This homify feature therefore concentrates on where to hide the washing machine in your home. Whether it be a washing machine cover, built-in design or even behind some cupboard doors, our team of professionals will help you find the best solution to this storage problem. The usual hiding spots for the washing machine are in the bathroom and the kitchen, especially if you don't have the luxury of a separate laundry area in your petite living space.

1. Sliding doors

The first solution we've come up with is to hide your washing machine behind sleek and simple sliding doors. This will ensure that your bathroom looks neat and tidy, while adding shelving for all those detergents and linens too. Sliding doors are easy to install and will keep your home looking modern and perfectly placed. 

2. Built-in

The second washing machine in the bathroom idea would be to integrate it into an existing cabinet system that allows you to hide the washing machine in plain sight. The placement of this cabinet keeps the washing machine in the background, and is a suitable solution if you're considering replacing your outdated appliance for a modern design.

​3. Hidden behind curtains

Store your washing machine behind a cover or curtain as a retro cost-saving alternative is to hide the washing machine in the bathroom. A simple curtain rod with eyelet curtains can do the trick and will keep your bathroom looking luxurious, just opt for a textured material instead and add some fancy illumination and colours that match the rest of your design.

4. Tailor made shelves

Due to existing water connections, storing a washing machine in the bathroom is ideal, but think about shelves and cabinets that will enhance an uncluttered layout that is beautiful and comfortable. Go for a colour scheme that is modern and eye-catching so your bathroom doesn't look boring. Plan your layout so the washing machine remains out of the way in the bathroom. Here we see individual washing baskets, your colours can therefore be separated easier, making your laundry process simpler.

5. Space saving

Living in a small apartment often means you'll need to sacrifice space, especially for modern appliances. So think about converting your hallway closet into a usable storage space and hide your washing machine instead. Although most washing machines are available in a standard size, it's probably a good idea to measure the space available in the closet before purchasing a new appliance. Hanging storage to help those items dry or to keep your ironed clothing fresh and unwrinkled is another must-have feature in this space. 

6. Use vertical areas

Just because your bathroom is small, doesn't mean you should forget about storing your washing machine there entirely, use the vertical height of a corner instead. This washing machine cover is a translucent glass door panel and wooden door, but bear in mind that you should make loading and unloading the washing machine an easy and efficient process too. Here are 11 simple tricks to give your bathroom a magazine look

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