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Today on homify 360°, we reveal a striking piece of architectural design that showcases a rustic and charming facade. From Portuguese architect Pedro Quintela Studio comes a spacious villa that was born out of nothing more than a stone wall and an abandoned house.

Today, this space sports unique organic shapes, natural materials, and an inspiring presence to make us fall in love at first sight. Not only does it ideally suit the environment in which it is located, but its breathtaking combination of exterior spaces and interior rooms inspires the creative mind. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself…

A picturesque welcome

As previously mentioned, this villa evolved from a heap of ruined stone. What could have been demolished and forgotten has, instead, been turned into a two-storey structure of concrete, tile and wood. 

It certainly presents a charming facade from the street; however, one must cross that threshold in order to really appreciate the magic of this Portuguese villa. Let the attraction begin!

The terrace of 1,000 views

The terrace on the top floor is first on our list. A colonial inspiration serves as the space on which you can stand and admire the fantastic views surrounding this house. Whether you choose to admire the sunrise or sunset, this terrace is the ideal spot to sit down with a cup of coffee (or glass of Chardonnay) while doing that.  

The clay tiled floor accentuates the warmth of the terrace. And we are simply in love with that fantastic wooden deck which serves as seating (or lounging) space above the heads of the neighbours.

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A surprising interior

At first glance, it’s as if we’ve encountered a stylishly decorated cave. The combination of natural materials (where wood is clearly king), together with the subtle lighting, makes for one exceptional vision. 

Everywhere we look, we see soft lines which seemingly blend into one another that invite us to discover more. Tailor-made to country perfection.

A place for everything…

… and everything in its place. It’s certainly true in this case, as each item and shelf has been seemingly designed to fit perfectly together. Notice how the interior emphasises the simplicity of the materials, which in turn boosts the aesthetic quality to excellence. 

Incidentally, the shapes and tones of the wood was been inspired by the nearby beaches of the Portuguese coast, making for quite an interesting link with the exterior environment.

Open and inviting

The first floor of the villa is where we locate the kitchen and dining room, which flow smoothly into each other without any walls serving as barriers. This can certainly ensure a long, uninterrupted conversation between resident and guest, regardless of where each is located. 

As noted, the wood is a faint echo of the nearby beaches, and we just love how that sandy tone of the floor reminds us of a sunset walk next to the crashing waves.

The cosy corner

The living room presents a fabulous little corner where we can catch up on the day’s events – or just get lost in a good novel by the modern fireplace. The furniture is adorned by a soft mixture of whites and light greys, adding a touch of coolness to the warm wooden hues that dominate the spaces. 

Whether we want to snuggle up next to the fire in winter, or just relax on the sofa with some chilled lemonade, this relaxation corner certainly hits all the right notes.

Where dreams are made

Ascending to the next floor takes us to the private areas of the house, such as this bedroom. The same interior concepts from downstairs have been followed here: modern layouts, a minimalist touch of decor, and strategic lighting to emphasise the warm and cosiness of each environment. 

To tip the scales slightly in the direction of the cooler shades, the bedroom linen has been laid out in a white palette, which is certain to enhance the sweet dreams of this slumber spot. And a glass door presents access to a spacious balcony outside, for those who’d love to greet the rising sun face to face.

All that glitters

The bathroom is where we see the interior style take a slightly dazzling route. That mosaic coating of the shower is sure to guarantee a five-star shower experience! But the country style hasn't been forgotten, as that sun-kissed wood makes a prime appearance in the flooring and ceiling. 

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For more views

We conclude our tour with the balcony adjoining the bedroom that we discovered earlier. Although note the same layout as the terrace that we encountered at the beginning, this balcony most definitely holds its own in terms of view, style and layout. 

And what do we have to say about the villa as a whole? A simple and beautiful design that projects a charming and otherworldly image by means of its ingenious use of materials and layouts. Most definitely a golden star rating from us!

Did you love the incredible timber work? What about the master bedroom's minimalist scheme? Share your thoughts with us!

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