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Before and after houses: 5 extreme transformations

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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The age old question stands, should I completely rebuild or simply renovate and rehabilitate? Well, in this homify feature, we have a look at the before and after results of an older home makeover. To renovate an old building with amazing before and after results, continue reading this homify feature. Consider these fantastic tips and tricks to renovate your farmhouse with modernity in mind. You may want to convert the house with an outstanding before and after idea to suit your awesome personality. Have a look at these 5 extreme house transformations for helpful hints and tips.

​1. Before: The grey 60's

This old building from the 60's is integrated into the surroundings unobtrusively. But, to renovate an old building that goes from bland before to amazing after requires some planning. The architects' promised to create home that feels like a new building completely. 

After: New life and attractive

The team of professionals followed through with their promise to convert the house from ugly and outdated before to elegant and attractive after. Here we see some massive changes, from the sleek windows and doors to the sophisticated colour scheme. The basement level is now even a usable private swimming pool, perfect for those summer days in the sun.

2. Before: Conventional

The current state of the house is boring and unattractive, but it's the garden that has so much potential for entertaining and socialising. This spacious home is great for families that enjoy weekend of fun, laughter and memories, but let's have a look at the after to get an idea of its present architecture.

After: Magical

The team of architects did an excellent job to renovate an old farmhouse into a smart, sleek and attractive alternative. The house is almost unrecognisable! It went from unsightly, to modern and eye-catching. The façade changed completely, but so did the roof. Gone are the gabled walls and hidden exterior, making way for a breezy and open design that welcomes fresh air and sunshine. The colour scheme is different and dynamic with a blue design adding a fascinating feature.

​ 3. Before: Quaint farmhouse

Old farms have their own charm, this facebrick facade and the red saddle roof radiates something cosy and quaint, but in order to convert this house dramatically from its simple before to gorgeous after, requires some imagination and creativity.

After: Ultimate modern

To renovate this farmhouse, the red roof went a few shades darker, while walls were given a lighter shade for a contemporary design, and in order to connect the two structures, a wood-clad hallway leads the way, creating a space that is seamlessly connected, comfortable and courageous.

4. Before: Barren exterior

The shades of this facade speak for themselves: it's yellowed beige and brown looks anything but inviting. While, the well-preserved old-fashioned balcony shutters creates an unattractive design that is sad and undesirable. 

​ 4. After: Cooling and calm

A refreshing coat of pale blue attracts all eyes to create the coolest house on the street. It's a fascinating tip to renovate an old building from its state before to its brilliant design after. How do we achieve this surprising appearance? Well, one way is to extend the house around an open balcony.

5. Before: A tiny space

The owners of this house complained about the tiny space of the estate. An awesome solution would be to renovate this farmhouse, taking it from old fashioned façade to cosy and attractive. 

​After: The Unusual

This dreary old structure can be converted into a house that is a worthwhile success from it's before to amazing after. The different features and colour scheme creates a living space that is aesthetically charming and easy on the eye, amidst a gorgeous garden of course. Here's An upgrade of an outdated Pretoria home.

Which of these before and after home renovations speak to you most?

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