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Designed by Argentina-based architects, Lebel, this project is a gorgeous and futuristic expansion and remodelling of a single family house. This is a true metamorphisis of old space into brand new design.

A 385 square metre space, this home has been completely transformed into a modern masterpiece. What you will find most significant is that the old house was not an unattractive home nor was it old-school. It was modern, pretty and quaint. However, the architects have taken this a few steps further, re-creating it so that it becomes a cutting-edge leader in modern design. 

It's kind of like turning the pretty nerd into the attractive president! 

With beautiful materials, including glass, water, stone, wood, metal, light and space, the architects have re-evaluated the existing space and have totally transformed this house.

See for yourself, let's go!

Hollywood dream

Have you ever seen anything so absolutely breathtaking?

This is the type of home that Hollywood stars come home to, that celebrities return to after movie premiers and where James Bond hangs up his boots for the night! The beautiful use of white, wood and glass is offset by the warm, soft stone facade that frames the main entrance of the home. 

A sweeping driveway leads up to the main entrance of the home, where large double-doors transition the interior into the exterior. The glass provides a subtle boundary between the two. Glass is a fantastic design element in modern homes and is one to consider, no matter where you live. 

Size is of no real concern to the architects, who have played beautifully with the landscape available to them. The home expands across vertical and horizontal space, creating almost Tetris-like cubes across the landscape. The left-hand side is pure white, while the right-hand side includes the stone facade. 

Don't you think together, these look eclectic, modern and edgy?

Before and after

This image shows perfectly what the house looked like before and what it looks like now.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the house in the before photo. It's a double-storey family home, finished in a subtle and contemporary beige and white colour with a grey, sloping roof. There is a wrap-around patio and gorgeous, classic windows that overlook the garden. All that is missing is a white picket fence.  

So why change it?  

Because, just like the rest of the world, architecture is continuously evolving! While the before house is beautiful and classic, the after house is absolutely outstanding, blowing design out of the water! The lighting, the facade and the style is exquisite.  

Which house would you prefer?

Genius kitchen

When you enter the transformed kitchen space, you'll never want to leave. In fact, you may want to stay here and drink wine and cook up delicious roasts and bake beautiful cakes all day long!

The modern metamorphosis of this home transcends into every room, including the kitchen. This modern and sleek space is as cool as a cucumber! Cold grey colours are used throughout, juxtaposed by a large, glass window that allows natural light to flow into the room. Have you ever seen a kitchen so stylish? 

The kitchen island is our favourite feature of this room—a beautiful slab of counter top, framed by black bar stools. Four beautiful lights are suspended over the kitchen island, providing stylish and functional light while cooking and preparing food. 

Suspended lights are a fantastic way to modernise your kitchen in a very easy and simple way.  Minimalist is also the name of the game here, where the kitchen counters and tables are devoid of ornaments and objects. 

Clean and clear—that's how to achieve the perfect kitchen .

Water tight

The dining room space is stylish and sophisticated.

The focal point is the swimming pool that runs alongside the dining room space, right through to the exterior of the house and into the exterior of the house. This is the most modern and trendy feature of the house—you can swim right from the inside through to the outside!  

The swimming pool is designed in an L-shape and is meant to transcend the interior and the exterior, creating a fluid space throughout. Have you ever seen something so cool? Don't you want this for your own home? 

The rest of the dining room space is edgy and chic, designed in black and white colours with a touch of red for colour.  

The glass windows and doors take up the entire wall between the exterior and the interior, creating a subtle boundary between the two.   

You'll also notice that there is a gallery or mezzanine level above the dining room area, which is also a fantastic modern feature. We will touch on this more later!

Move on out

When we, ourselves, move out from the interior dining room to the exterior of the house, it is clear that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to a modern masterpiece. 

The house opens up onto a beautiful terrace area—a space for people who want to relax by the pool, lie on the deck chairs and bask in the glory of the summer sun.   

You'll also notice the awning that protects the patio, providing shade when the sun gets too hot. This patio space leads out onto the lush grass area, which is ideal for playing soccer and cricket as well as afternoon braai's.  

This is the ideal outside area for a family! If you want to recreate something similar in your own home, check out this fantastic product range for terraces.

Top down

Looking over the gallery or the mezzanine level, we can see how the pool also ends up in the living room. 

The living room has a very similar style to the dining room, with neutral colours that are illuminated by the colour red. A plush carpet and beautiful white sofas add a very luxurious and elegant twist to the room. 

Can you imagine, in between your favourite shows in summer, having a cool dip in the swimming pool right in your own living room? 

The white marble floors are the finishing touch in this room, creating a very cool, sophisticated and modern look and feel.

Bedroom basics

The bedroom is very simple, but elegant. Comfort and style collide!

The cushy headboard is a beautiful element in the bedroom and a common feature in modern bedrooms. It creates character and texture in a room that is otherwise simple and stylish.  

The colours are neutral in this bedroom, which is a great way to decorate any bedroom. By opting for white or grey linen and neutral coloured walls and furniture, you can play around with décor by adding different types and colours of wall art, paintings or cushions. Keep the basics the same, but change the rest whenever you feel like it without spending too much money. 

Wooden floors are also a fabulous addition to any home, especially in the bedroom. Carpets are old news, wood is the new black! Notice how it creates a very clean and neat look and feel in this space? 

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Were you amazed by the transformation? What did you like most about the new home? Let us know!

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