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Maximising space in small homes

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When thinking about how to create space in a small home you may think that your options are limited in creating a spectacular yet comfortable setting. However, you couldn't be more wrong!#

The size will be a problem no longer after you have a look at this fantastic Ideabook compiled by the expert team at homify. From multi-functional furniture, to doors and choosing the correct colour for your space, you can transform your small living quarters into an amazing place.

Are you ready to give your home a makeover? Check these tips and make the most of your space!

New levels

One way to set boundaries in the house without the placing items too many items which take up space is by defining the dimensions of the house through the floor planning.

If you have an open-planned house, you can differentiate between the kitchen, living and dining rooms with tiles in a neutral tone, this will give the room more depth, alternatively include a wooden floor as seen in this small apartment which is only 68 square metres and is designed by by Marion Rocher.

The unevenness of the atmosphere will create a more spacious feeling, and although you may not have a second floor, marking different heights in your home will add a dynamic and spacious element to your interior.

Movable Walls

Mobile walls can either be sliding or rotating and are ideal for the separation of spaces. The concept of a moving wall is that it saves space in the house; we can place a revolving door in the bedroom for example, and when moving the wall ninety degrees it hides the bed, providing a work environment and another space for relaxation.

Or as we see in this space by Starkx Associates, it can also divide the spaces in the house. It is certainly an original element that will give a special feel to the décor and architecture of your home, however contact a professional to determine whether this idea can be incorporated into the interior of your home.

Multi-functional furniture

A home lacking space can be decorated with minimal elements to make it look neat, harmonious and comfortable. Multi-functional furniture is our best bet to help make this idea come to life. 

Now if the space in your kitchen is limited, you can also opt for modular furniture. This is simply the best choice for small areas since its storage capacity and linear distribution makes it both practical and functional.

Built-in storage

This is a great solution to solve the space problems in a home. A small home certainly lacks extra storage facilities, a closet wardrobe for example is always an excellent choice to maximise your space.

In this hideaway spot we can store away all sorts of things, such as out of season clothing, home accessories such as pillows, Christmas decorations. It also functions as a cupboard so if you are in need of space for your kitchen, a cabinet will be of great help in any home, while taking advantage of any corner available will make this idea the ultimate storage idea.

Wall vs. furniture

Have a look at this wall that hides away the kitchen quite adorably and acts as furniture at the same time; what an original way to divide two rooms of the house through a closet. This small kitchen design allows it to be separate from the other room. The folding doors become a white wall that gives light and freshness to this little house designed by Mill-House. So if you have a similar living situation, this option is a great idea to tackle your space issue.

Deep colours

Neutral and tasteful colours have the ability to create depth in spaces, in addition to its tone that does not visually compete with decorations it instead allows for many combinations in styles and colours.

This space sees the material of the walls exposed without many extra decorative ornaments in place, only the essentials have been included within the shelves. Adding shelves is also a great idea to gain size while maintaining order, while a mirror is always necessary in a bathroom.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are great to acclimate the spaces, especially when the area is small; they help divide elegant and simple environments, and can be opened or closed without occupying that much extra space.

These doors can be opened to give the house more ventilation or a seamless look, but once the doors are closed it creates a more intimate environment. The materials used may be anything your personal taste reflects, but we recommend glass doors, as it creates a lighter and brighter design.


An all-white décor will always be a winner, and it is characterised by light spaces that creates a fresh, light, airy and spacious atmosphere.

It is a good idea to take into consideration the ambience of the home, especially if it is small. This is ideal for decorating small spaces and is better in a creating light, neutral and vibrant appeal that takes in the colours of the environment.  

For more inspiration, check out this awesome: Flexible Furniture For A Small Home.

Would any of these ideas help address problems you experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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