A Home of Modern Style for a Growing Family

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Estudio de Arquitectura Clariá & Clariá Modern living room
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Get your architectural fix with homify 360° as we bring you the cream of the crop in terms of structures, creations and striking designs. Today’s discovery comes to us from Argentinian team Clariá & Clariá, whose creative juices inspired a modern beauty. 

Located in Buenos Aires, this stylish structure certainly knows how to show off its linear beauty, yet simultaneously provides a peaceful and serene lifestyle to its inhabitants. Starting from a modest budget, the residence was completed in two separate stages. Since family life took first priority, the second stage commenced a bit later, and then the expansions took off with a bang – without interfering in the normal daily functions of this busy family. 

Let’s start discovering this linear beauty!

A smart façade

The family of the house required a residence that would afford them the opportunity to live away from busy neighbourhoods, close to nature. Therefore, our fashionable construction was erected on a quiet landscape with blooming flowers by day and dazzling stars by night. 

Viewing the front facade presents us with a combination of different rectangle-shaped volumes. The thick walls have been specially built with load-bearing hollow bricks. The plaster was then coated with plastic to ensure a waterproof facade and as a precaution against cracks in the plaster. 

Add to these practical steps some warm lighting and a modern concrete path to the front door, and we have one exceptional beauty to call home.

Some fresh greenery

In their endeavour to be close to nature, generous portions of gardens were added to the exterior spaces. As can be seen here, the gardens are not just separate patches of plants, but form actual part of the house structure. 

And what good would those outside gardens do if we can’t enjoy them from the inside? Thanks to some lovely corner windows (double glazed for extra protection from the cold), the beauty and freshness of the gardens become an indoor treat as well.

Comfortable sophistication

Entering the house, we find a sophisticated palette of creams and beiges. The white walls and ceilings serve as excellent elements to visually enhance the space and serenity of the interiors, while also brilliantly projecting the natural light from outside. The warm, caramel-toned wood deserve first prize for adorning that striking flooring, enhancing the neutral colours superbly. 

This chic and serene environment is really an achievement, considering the fact that this family has to accommodate growing kids. Along with this luxurious space, the house also has a bedroom suite with two closets, a bathroom with a tub and shower, two bedrooms for the children, an extra bathroom, as well as a play room.

A cosy lifestyle

Is there anything more inviting than a fireplace with a wooden floor? Add some snug couches and warm interior colours, and we have the perfect place to spend the entire winter. Just imagine curling up next to those flames while watching the snowflakes (or winter rain) outside. 

While the neutral colours dominate, select spots of warm tones make the room come alive. The architectural style is definitely modern, yet the living room furniture is more classic – adding a touch of mature sophistication to this already charming space.

The warmth of colour

We've said it before, and we’ll repeat: red is fabulous when used correctly (and in moderation). Notice the exquisiteness of that ruby coated wall and how it exudes a respectable amount of charm and warmth. Add to that the pale indoor column and cream/glass side table, and we have the perfect accent for this area. 

Notice the perfect squares in the wall that serve as décor surfaces, or perhaps a unique bookcase. Why not review some more: Novel Bookshelf Ideas You’ll Love?

Some neutral tranquillity

A quick look at one of the bathrooms reveals some more neutral colours, yet here they are joined by a delightful helping of dark materials. The ebony-toned wood of the mirror and cabinets make for a dramatic element, and add a pleasant visual balance. 

That gorgeous window ensures that the bathroom follows the same rule as the rest of the house: light and openness for all! 

Feel free to view our exquisite bathroom collection here on homify.

When light meets dark

And we couldn't resist one last look at the façade, but this time we relocated to the back of the house. And how magnificently do the interiors light up as night descends onto this quiet landscape. The warm glow cast from inside contrasts uniquely with the cool blueness of the swimming pool. Just imagine the pool parties and sunbathing that are certainly enjoyed here. 

So, after enjoying this delectable tour, what is our opinion? Undoubtedly a stylish, sophisticated living space ideal for a growing and modern family.

A dream house, don’t you agree? Share your thoughts with us in the comments...

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