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Designing a seductively romantic bedroom

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A romantic atmosphere is an important point to consider for you and your partner. When you think in about a romance, you think candles, soft lighting, accessories and perhaps a plush bed. However, although these ideas certainly work, they are temporary solutions to a space that must seem romantic all the time, even if it's just for you.

When we think of a romantic bedroom design, there are many things to consider, from colour and light, to accessories and furniture. Think of ways that you can create a romantic atmosphere that will last in your room throughout the year, which will be both comfortable and cosy, (it is a bedroom, after all) and most importantly, a space that allows your individuality to shine.

A luxury bed

Our first suggestion is one that resonates with you even if you do not have romance in your life: A large luxurious bed. It's better for your health, seriously! When we think of luxurious beds, we should consider size, durability and comfort. It is also important to take into account the space available, if you choose a very large, your space can be quickly cluttered or worse appear small. This will ruin any attempt to make a romantic atmosphere of the room.

In this example we chose an unusual design, round which is large enough. Although most do not consider this type of bed, we have chosen this to show you a bed with an original design that can work in different types of spaces. This room seems to belong to a loft, with extraordinary exposed brick walls, wood-beamed ceilings and concrete floors; however it still eludes a rustic feel with the colour palette of light.

Try to think outside the box when it comes to your new luxurious bed and amorous bedroom, we promise you will not regret it.

A beautiful dressing table

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom Beige
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

The dressing table must not be forgotten when it comes to creating a romantic bedroom. Imagine your partner sitting and getting ready for the day or even reading a book. It's a great way to use a different area of the room, while at the same time it is not an element that is too distracting in the overall design.

Dressing tables can also give your bedroom a relaxed feeling while being practical and aesthetic. They are very easy to find and even a small table can become a dressing table by adding a mirror on the wall!

If you decide to buy a new one, a vintage or an old find that adds a chic touch to your home, should be the perfect choice. Choose fun vases, grab your grandmother's pearls and place them as part of the décor, while including choose several nice bottles of perfume to finish off the look.

Also, do not feel pressured to find a chair that perfectly combines the mix of styles as this will add character to the design; the chair can serve to as an area to keep clothing for the next night without making the room look cluttered.

A chaise lounge at the foot of the bed

A chaise lounge is one of those items that we are sometimes unsure of as whether it should be considered as a piece of furniture or a decorative object. But enough about logistics. A chaise lounge is a great way to add more seats in your bedroom, in addition to the bed. When combined with a side table or at the foot of the bed, they can be a great space for coffee, tea, or a good breakfast for the couple.

When it is intended more as a decorative accessory, consider this item as a piece that gives a fun and different touch to the bedroom.

Play around with the colour palette and texture of the chaise lounge, as in this example shows off this idea perfectly; be sure to follow a range of harmonious colours with the rest of the room to create some continuity, but a striking chaise never hurt anyone!

Soft lighting

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Lighting is by far one of the easiest and most effective ways to add romance to your bedroom. Firstly, consider how you can work with artificial and natural light in your room. If you're fortunate to have good windows, as seen in this Bloomint Design, think of curtains to block a minimum amount of light and let them float beautifully in the air. For a more dramatic effect, consider long curtains that sweep the floor and play with different layers that will give light and dark tones.

If windows are a problem, then the artificial light is fine too. Choose accessories that scatter light through your room and maybe you can spend the extra money to control the intensity of light to provide shade.

Of course, we are talking about romance and it is also a great idea to forget the natural light and add a number of candles gathered together and at in different heights in a variety of colours for a perfect romantic setting.

Smooth textiles and comfortable textures

This is a great suggestion in general, when you think about the design of the bedroom—choose furniture and accessories that will make it look heavenly from the start combining natural and imitation fur, will give the room a wide variety of colours and textures.

If your bedroom is light coloured, then it will be easier; soft shades for windows, deep and comfy carpets on the floor and padded quilt for the chairs create the finishing touch.

The beauty of this option is that we often find these items in old family heirlooms such as hand-sewn blankets that give a welcoming touch to the bedroom, while looking familiar and adding personality. Of course, these accessories can be easily removed, or changed depending on the r mood or the season. Summer tends to be a time when the skins and soft blankets need to be stored away for a more refreshed and relaxed season.

Don't forget wall color

Choosing the right wall colour for your new and improved romantic bedroom is really your choice. We suggest you stick to shades with touches of grey or sticking with shades of grey or even off-white, it will be easier to choose furniture and accessories for the long term, and for the changing seasons.

In this design the shades of grey are used to easily add splashes of colour with dark purple velvet blinds, and a bench next to the bed. What really makes the outbreak in this room? The dark wood floors, window coverings and of course, the beautiful and dramatic lamp. We know that maintaining a fresh, romantic and dramatic space at the same time may seem a design challenge, but with the right colour palette anything is possible!

If you'd like some more inspirations, see: How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic.

Do you have any other tips to help make a bedroom more romantic? Please share them with us in the comments...

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