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Making small homes great with creative décor

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Everyone has different skills. There are those who have more developed left hemisphere of the brain and tend to analyse everything and prefer order. On the other hand there are those who love creativity, as well as combinations and explosions of colour, who have a more developed right brain hemisphere. But no matter which side of your brain is more in control, we never have enough space in our home to capture all of our ideas. And sometimes things are further complicated when the spaces are so small they seem to hinder our creativity.

Don't worry! A small space just means we should have more imagination when decorating. And if that's not your thing, there's still good news for you. The homify team of experts are excellent problem solvers and we will show you that any space can be a home.

Give shared spaces continuity

When we have a small house, choosing furniture is an extremely complicated task, this sometimes seems that design space should be sacrificed or vice versa. But that's not true, and this design displays what Basch Architects has in mind. You can choose some furniture like this, to prevent your room from subtracting space that is not in use. Also remember that having a small home does not mean it should be stacked with furniture, it is best to avoid adding unnecessary extra items.

Make white your star colour

White is often the primary colour of small houses. In fact when we start to decorate a large white canvas we are adding notes of colour and creativity a little at a time to make the canvas become a work of art. The benefits of white and light colours in general, is that they reflect light amplitude making your space look larger, without being larger. This kitchen is a DF Architects design - see their professional profile on homify for more ideas!

Use the walls practically

In small spaces it is important to maintain order. This will help the space look wider and there is nothing to reduce the spaces through which transitions. Whether it's a simple design, you can always give them a fun twist by adding these shelves from Ploka 8.7.

Showcase straight lines

A secret to make your decor always harmonious and stylish look is to always decorate with lines. Straight lines are especially good for furniture, and can draw the basis of your decor, which is used to complement in diagonal or curved ornaments and decorative supplements.

Add accent colours

We do not need much space to decorate every centimetre of our house, from floor to ceiling, the walls are no exception. Your walls will be an excellent choice to give personality to your home, either coatings or some wallpaper or even vinyl. Even adding lots of colour! You can decorate without taking up space! If you liked this bedroom idea, why not have a look at the inspirational designs featured on the homify site!

Make architectural additions smaller

Having a two-storey house does not mean we have a lot of space. Sometimes they are narrow and the reality is that the home is often two small floors containing a cluster of small rooms, in an effort to take up less space on the foundation.

The stairs can be a problem in these cases because, although we do not always want to create a lot of space in the design. We do not manage the space under the stairs effectively. But if you want to avoid these small spaces that may be useless, then it is best to use spiral staircases or original designs like the image.

Fold-away functionality

When we begin to decorate any space, regardless of size, we should consider that we need a transition area. And if the space is small, then sometimes this is a problem. Luckily Studio Michel Hilgers knows how to manage the task with this practical desk.

For more smart furniture solutions, check out: Flexible Furniture For A Small Home.

Use the walls in unusual ways

To have a garden you do not need a large space. Now, thanks to some designers such as Adventive you can have a green walls, allowing you to spend some chilling for hours while practising your gardening skills, in an effort to beautify your home with a vertical garden.

Don’t forget the garden

A small house sometimes means a small garden or recreational space. But that should not mean that your rest should be tiny. If you want a break decorated in style, with a small space, then you should use that area to ensure great comfort, such as this garden hammock proposed by Nomada Design Studio.

Do you have any other useful hints for optimising space in a small home? Please share them with us!
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