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Musterhaus Bad Vilbel is stylish and sophisticated—a showhouse of grand proportions. Designed by Die Hausmanufaktur, this is a collision of luxury and cutting-edge architecture. 

This is truly a dream house, where every room and every bit of space exudes modern and contemporary style. A tour of this house will leave you green with envy!

Based in the German city of Alemania, this house transcends national boundaries. This is the type of house that would look beautiful in any South African city. Imagine this house on your favourite street, waiting for you to come home to!

Let's have a tour of this fantastic home!

Grand proportions

The front view of this house shows the sheer size and scale of the home. Beautiful large glass windows and doors open up this incredible house, giving passers-by a sneak peek into the incredible interiors. 

The layers of this house are evident from this view, where each part of the house is built into different cubes, built onto one another to create a modern and eclectic look and feel. Don't you feel like the architects have played a game of Tetris, carefully piling each layer onto the next to create the final product? 

White metal and expansive sheets of glass are the dominant materials making up the exterior of the house, creating a sleek and minimalist style.

The minimalist exterior works beautifully with the lush green grass, complementing the natural surrounds. 

Bathroom basics

We are going to start off our tour of the interior of the house in the beautiful bathroom. Grand and ornate, this is a room fit for a king.

The bathroom has been designed in earthy, warm tones and colours. A stone wall makes up the entire one side of the bathroom, creating a very natural look and feel to the bathroom. This works gorgeously with the white bathtub and sink as well as the natural, beige flooring. These are great colours for a bathroom, creating a relaxing space where you can feel calm and rested while soaking up some bubbles or even brushing your teeth!

The designers have added a touch of colour and opulence in the form of a rich, blue rug that runs along the entire length of the bathroom. If you want to add a bit of colour and trend to the bathroom, this is a fantastic way to achieve this. Choose whatever colour you want and go for the softest and most plush rug that you can find. Hopping out of the bath onto this rug will feel amazing on your bare feet!

Modern magic

The open plan kitchen and dining room space is a sight to behold. Modern and light wooden floors sweep throughout the space, working with the large glass windows and doors that allow natural light to flow into the home. 

Funky, artificial lights also feature in this house, illuminating the kitchen and the dining room. Including funky and trendy lights in a space can really lighten and brighten a space up, adding a sense of style to a minimalist home. Don't you just love the suspended lights above the dining room table? This is a great feature to think about in your own dining room as you can create beautiful ambiance while eating at night, turning the rest of the lights off. The result is a soft glow with enough light to still see what you're eating!

The dining room furniture is neutral and soft, adding to the modern and contemporary style of the interior space. 

The designers have also included a photo wall in the kitchen—which adds fantastic decor and design to any kitchen. Don't you want to be surrounded by your memories while you're cooking?

Plush princess

The bedroom area is lavish and luxurious, with beautiful linen and a cushy headboard. The black, brown, white and beige colours all create a perfect, homely space, designed to make you feel cosy and warm. You'll never want to leave your bed if this was your bedroom!

The good news is that you can imitate this bedroom with the same type of linen and the inclusion of light wood throughout. Wood is the ultimate in warmth, adding a natural glow to any bedroom. 

The chandelier is the best part of this bedroom, adding a luxurious touch to an otherwise subtle space. Do you see how just by adding a few pieces here and there, you can change the whole look and feel of a bedroom?

Lavish living room

The living room is elegance in its prime. Beautiful, cushy sofas work together with a gorgeous, plush rug. These neutral beige colours are complemented by deep reds and blacks in the form of tables, cushions and pots for plants, adding subtle colour to the room.

A bright, yellow painting adds some bold colour and character to the room, however. This is a wonderful way to add colour and texture to a space, without drawing away from the elegance and sophistication of the furniture. Paintings or wall art or even photographs that are framed can be used for this purpose. If you're interested in this for your own living room, check out these great products for walls and floors.

You'll also notice that the beautiful, large glass windows and doors are covered by soft blinds and curtains. This allows for the light in the room to be subtly controlled. Just by turning the blinds slightly, a natural soft glow can be created in this space. 

Adding a few accessories to a space like this—such as top magazines or a stylish bottle of whiskey with a few tumblers—creates detail. These small, intricate details are what result in a trendy, sophisticated space. 

Staircase to heaven

We end our tour of this stylish home off at the gorgeous staircase

Earlier, we looked at the open plan dining room and kitchen and here we see how it leads into an open entrance hall with a magnificent floating staircase, encased in glass. A feature like this can make a home, showing how the designers have thought through every last detail. Even a staircase deserves to be shown off!

The staircase is the focal point of the entrance hall, but the designers have included two stylish pot plants underneath the stairs. While remaining minimalist, space underneath the stairs has not been wasted. Trend features in every nook and cranny.

This German home is cutting-edge in terms of design. It's the type of house that we all want to live in! Imagine walking through your front door to this wonderful, stylish interior every single day?

Yes, we agree—this is the dream!

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What a stunner! Is this your dream home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments...

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