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Bringing blank walls to life!

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Want to make a space with nothing on it more attractive? The answer lies in the next few lines of this article. 

No matter what type of house that you live in, it will have blank walls. If we give these walls a bit of attention and the love that they deserve, they can be come a source of beauty and far more pleasing to the eye.

Invest in shelves, colours, wood, photographs, adhesives. Interior décor accessories are sure to bring character and life to the walls in your home. Follow the advice of the professionals at homify and you will have a reason to smile every time you look at the walls in your house. 

If you are currently renovating your house and you come across ancient stone or beautiful, rustic materials, then leave it bare. This is something that you will not regret.

Read through our ideas, below!

Wooden wall

Sam's Creek homify Modern style bedroom

Sam's Creek


With wood (and more wood) you can create the most beautiful room.

Protection, warmth, cocoon, safe haven. These are the words that spring to mind from this image, where the wooden walls have created an intimate, cosy space. This is a dream room for many! The wood adds depth and texture to this interior space.

Immerse yourself in gold colours and white linen while getting cosy in this room. This works incredibly well with wooden walls and is a sign of someone with good taste. Notice the detail on the bedside tables? The wooden walls complement these, do they not?


A splash of black on the walls can change the whole look and feel of a space, creating elegance and beauty.

The wall of this refined home in Lisbon, for example is incredibly well decorated by Dzineco Architects. The range of gold hues used—on the walls and the complemented by the surrounding furniture and accessories—make this space the envy of many. The black wall is a magnificent contrast to this, grabbing the attention of anyone who sets foot in this room. It is charming and glamorous.

To pull off this look, you need elegant pieces of furniture that are valuable and authentic. 

You can only achieve a beautiful home like this if you truly put your heart into it. 

We love this interior decorating!


Rustic eating 99chairs Dining roomTables

Rustic eating


There is always a wall that will work best by hanging our favourite photographs on it. Whether its family memories, holidays or time spent with friends, those moments are forever etched in your memory. What better place to carry these moments than on one of the walls in your house?

In this home, the wall in the dining room, off the kitchen, has been used for the photographs. This is a beautiful choice as this is a space where the family gathers and remembers these wonderful times. Photographs can also spark fantastic conversation. 

A photograph wall can be anywhere in the house however—the dining room, the bedroom, the living room, the hallways or even the kitchen. It's your choice!

Stone wall

A stone wall. The windows are closed. A dream bathroom. There are so many different thoughts that pop into our heads when we look at this beautiful photograph. This is a space that brings us history and holds a thousand and one stories.

If you have old walls in your home, then leave the stone bare. The results can be as fantastic as this design in this photograph. Trust us, because the advice from homify professionals is always full of harmony and wisdom.

This look is very modern at the moment. Admit it, it's already making history.


You want to ride a bike? We already have the ideal shelf for storage.

This type of design suits both a small house and a large house. Shelves are a great solution for the empty wall in the entrance hall. Imagine an empty wall. Now add shelves. Then add the books that you love, the photographs of your children and of that holiday that you will never forget. This is fantastic to imagine!

Now put it to practice. Choose one of the empty walls in your home and start designing your ideas and your dreams. If you need a little bit of help, navigate the homify homepage. Here you will find advice and tips on any topic!

The decor of your home can be even more beautiful!


Stickers can be an amazing addition to any wall. Your home can become even more beautiful with messages spread throughout the walls of the house. They are authentic decorative elements. Choose the ones that you love the most and spread them continuously throughout the house. 

In this photograph, the sticker says dream big and is dedicated to a beautiful, little baby who sleeps under it. Soft, tender love is expressed in this writing on the wall. 

If you have your own life motto or favourite phrase, you can customise it to suit your home. Then you can add that sticker to your dream wall!

And your baby will sleep much better at night.

Vertical garden

Your interior design should also make use of vertical gardens. And there is no need to invest a lot of money, just look in your local market for fruit boxes or wine crates and choose a wall in the house that is in need of some life and love. A wall in the kitchen or on the balcony can be fantastic as an interior garden, holding up your plants. You can take the opportunity to plant your favourite herbs and make tasty recipes.  

A nice tip is shown in this photograph: take the time to paint the wall black. This will allow you to write in chalk on it. You'll then know what herbs are where and what works best with which recipe.

Now you know how to liven up a boring wall, perhaps you'd like to know more about: How Colours Influence Your Bedroom.

Do you have an blank wall you'd love to bring to life? How will you do it? Let us know!
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