​A Rustic Cottage Designed for Cosiness

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We all know the importance of breaking away every now and again and recharging our batteries. Sometimes we seek out a quiet, soothing retreat, where our bodies and minds can relax and find some well-deserved balance. While some prefer hitting the beaches to mingle, others revel in staying inside and stocking up on rest, reading, and just doing nothing.

For those in search of a relaxing and casual atmosphere, join us on homify 360° today as we take a breather from all the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to a rustic retreat. Located in Valley of the Vines in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, this humble little abode is the proud creation of Flavio Berredo Architects

Picture the following: a cottage set in a natural lush countryside, surrounded by a multitude of plants, trees and flowers. Relaxing weather helps the tranquillity vibe, while the brick and wood of the cottage exude that snug, homey ambience to help us relax.  

Let’s start exploring this little piece of rustic heaven.

The façade from far away

At first glance, we see the exposed brick of the house, which is quite prevalent in lending a rustic sense of cosiness to the cottage. Add a handful of other materials such as wood and stone, and we have a quaint yet stylish little abode waiting for us.

These natural materials have been mixed with bold ones (like glass doors and generous windows) to promote natural lighting – and also to bring some of that wonderful nature inside. 

Speaking of inside, let’s continue…

Entering tranquility

‘Contrast’ is easily one of the first words which come to mind upon entering the house. Notice how the white of the floor and walls offset against the dark wooden elements – and how this, in turn, contrasts against the exposed brick of the exterior facade. 

Any lover of the rustic style knows that wood is an integral element to include, which helps to highlight that country feeling and natural environment vibe. See how perfectly that wooden sideboard serves as a surface for decor items, which all add to the charm of this space. 

Do we feel relaxed yet?

The importance of wood

Wooden furniture is ideal for adding personality to an environment, especially when aiming for that rural-like setting. Here the wooden cabinet, along with that counter and benches, uniquely contribute to the overall rustic vibe. Neutral colours prevail, yet a dash of warm red and a hint of lime green have been added just to balance the colour curve ever so slightly. 

Here is the ideal spot to relax with a glass of wine while waiting for that pizza oven in the background to finish preparing dinner.

The kitchen

From an earthy, neutral palette to a warm and welcoming colour switch. Just see how that red adds identity and warmth to the kitchen, which is certainly what one would expect of the culinary space in any house. 

But just to avoid an overtly red feeling, the floors and ceiling have been left in a cool white coating, balanced neatly by cabinets and surfaces. Wooden cabinet doors contribute to that glowing warmth exuded by the walls, and add a beautiful touch to the overall rustic feeling. 

And who can complain about being on cooking duty when that surrounding view is so readily available to provide some quiet yet striking company?

The kitchen, part 2

One good look deserves another, which is why we’re still appreciating this gorgeous kitchen space. For those that think wooden furniture can only co-exist with other wooden elements, you have officially been proven wrong. These stainless steel appliances (fridge, stove and extractor hood) blend in fabulously with the rustic-style elements, and prove once again that a rural and charming kitchen space is infinitely more than just a firewood stove and old lamp. 

Still not satisfied? Feed your culinary inspiration with our range of rustic kitchens here on homify.

For dual dining

On to the dining area, which is positioned in a unique place that allows it to be both in- and outside. This dining room is adjacent to the patio, separated only by a glass sliding door. Leave it shut for some private quality time, or open it wide to enjoy an (almost) al fresco dining experience. 

We cannot help but love that bamboo ceiling, which causes for some interesting shadow play in the dining area during the day. In contrast to the kitchen, this area is decidedly more rustic, yet portrays a delicate and welcoming space (not to mention attractive view) that is sure to enhance any meal (or social event) to be enjoyed here.

Socialising made easy

As can be seen here, the dining area is located only a few steps away from the kitchen, so there’s no need for the conversation between cook and guest to be put on hold. A sliding door in striking black iron marks the transitional space between the two rooms, and contrasts deliciously against that brick surface. 

Looking to gather some tips on how to create the perfect dining area? See: How To Dine In Style: Your Perfect Dining Room.

In touch with nature

We say goodbye to this tranquil little residence by sneaking a slight glance at the living room. This opens up to the surrounding landscape through large sliding doors adorned by charming wooden frames. 

It is clear that natural light was one of the main factors considered when designing this cottage. It follows us everywhere, like a faithful companion. And thanks to the abundance of open windows and doors, ventilation is no problem. 

This is most certainly one residence designed not only for peace and tranquillity, but also for hearty families who are bent on making the most of their time in this wonderfully green environment.

What are your thoughts on this cottage?  If you lived in the country, is this the kind of home you'd like? Let us know!

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