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We can all agree that a fireplace just adds a certain something to a room. For some people it is one of the most beautiful interior elements, especially for a living room. 

Fireplaces are certainly popular not only because of the cosy atmosphere they provide, but also because they come in striking forms and models. In today’s age, if a couple moves into a house without a fireplace, chances are probable that they will add one very soon. Of course this comes with the added effort of measuring out the ideal spot, fireproofing the house, choosing the best model, adding a chimney, etc. 

These days, a welcome alternative to indoor heating comes in the form of electric or ethanol fireplaces. They are easier to handle and can be easier integrated into the house (plus they come in a mobile option, allowing you to move that fiery ambience from room to room). 

But we can already hear you thinking: “What do these models look like? What other advantages do they present? How do I find the right design for my living room?” Well, read on to have your questions answered…  

Credits for all the models on this list go to German geniuses Muenkel Design.

1. Country style

For that ideal striking accent in the living room, why not consider a fireplace of natural stone? The secret here, however, is that the fireplace surface in our accompanying image is actually made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), with a black slate stone used only for the coating. But who can tell the difference by looking at this picture? 

Add to that charcoal-colour stone a base and tray of solid caramel-toned wood, and we have a harmonious fireplace that not only complements the entire living room, but also solves that eternal problem of what to do with the corner. 

Most definitely a skilful combination of natural materials that culminate in a stylish mix of rusticity and elegance.

2. Minimalism meets modern technology

For the modern living room where minimalism and clear style go hand in hand, this model is a must have. But hang on, as it is so much more than a striking rectangular shape we’re presenting here. 

This flame is an Opti-Myst effect. It is a 3-dimensional effect using established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra fine water mist. As the mist rises up through the logs/coals, the light reflects against the water, creating an illusion of flames and smoke. The result? An appearance so authentic that it is quite difficult to distinguish it from a real fire!  

To keep being mesmerised by those dancing flames, regardless of your seating spot in the room, this model was fitted with glass panes all sides. But for those who require a fireplace to ward off those cold winter months, rest assured: the Opti-Myst has an optional heating function, controllable via infrared remote control. So, depending on your living room (or house) size, you have the option of controlling the amount of heat emanating from those flames, heating up your space in quick and warm fashion. 

The future is most definitely here!

3. A custom design

Looking for something a little more bright? Try this fancy design with a red-hot personality, resembling a little chimney. Here we have powder-coated aluminium panels, available in a multitude of colours to fit in with (or stand out from) its surroundings. 

Not only is the choice of colour here most impressive, the powder-coated material is quite durable and long lasting. Should you require a fireplace not only for the living room, but for the terrace (where the exterior elements are likely to interact with it), this is the ideal choice. 

A cosy evening with an ambience resembling a modern campfire? Sounds good to us!

4. To separate sections

A huge living room really presents unique décor possibilities: bookshelves, couches, whatever else you want to add. But often it becomes difficult to make a huge room feel cosy and snug. That is when we make use of a room divider – and why not pick a modern fireplace to do the job for you? 

This baby pulls double duty as a stylish room divider that also injects cosy warmth into the room. And since it boasts such a sexy finish from all sides, we can admire its structure from anywhere in the room. Should you lose your heart over this beauty, just make sure your choice fits in well with the rest of your room’s decor. The dark wood model will complement a rustic style, while the lighter wood option will blend in perfectly with Scandinavian-style surroundings.

Feel free to gather some more homify-approved tips on how to: Separate Your Room Without Building Walls.

5. For an industrial look

We’re on the next model, but still on the topic of powder-coated steel. It certainly portrays an elegant appearance, thus gives off a very discreet and elegant shine. Here we opted for a grey model, making it the perfect fireplace choice for an industrial-style space. It harmonises well with the neutral palette and sets a stylish tone. 

You can’t miss how beautifully it contrasts with the rustic wooden floor, creating the perfect counterpart for this modern fireplace design. Is there anything better than relaxing next to a crackling fireplace with the cosiness of a decent wooden floor under your feet? We didn’t think so…  

6. Stylishly square

For those who love their modern surroundings, why not consider this straightforward yet ultra stylish model? Real stone and painted metal combine to give us a cosy and elegant element that is not only guaranteed to ward off the cold, but to enhance our living rooms superbly.  

These models are available in colours ranging from black to beige, red or green-grey. The slate adds a unique character and guarantees an eye-catching effect in your living room. And Opti-Myst comes into play once again, hypnotising us with its dramatic and life-like flame technology.

7. Modern living

A living room boasting about its trendy innovations cannot pass up this stylish element. So much more than a hole in the wall, this fireplace becomes the main attraction in any room, immediately enhancing the glamour and beauty factor of the space. 

But since real fire is so last century, this model has opted again for a 3-dimensional effect of flames. Opti-glo takes care of that glowing log bed, ensuring a cosy and snug evening in front of the fireplace. 

Picture this: relaxing on the sofa and using your remote control to alternate between seven levels of heat. What could be better? And for those who’d prefer this type of fireplace in other walls types, good news: it will work just as well in drywall, steel, natural stone, and concrete.

Which model would you most like in your home? Let us know why!

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