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The Breathtaking One Roof House

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Typical housing in Korea used to consist primarily of apartments, especially in the cities. One family wanted a different life for their children, though, and dreamed of ta family home where their two young daughters can grow, flourish and make memories in. MLNP Architects in Seoul made this dream a reality in 2015, with the impressive and practical One Roof House in Pangyo, a residential suburb of Seoul.

The house is divided into three different spaces, each with its own unique characteristics on the horizontal and vertical layout. On the horizontal layout, the spaces are separated between parents and children, with a family area on the rectangular-shaped ground floor. Vertically, the home is divided into a communal space for the family and for entertaining (ground floor), a more private family and play area (first floor), and intimate hobby space for parents (attic).

Much thought have thus gone into creating the ideal family home so close to the city, so let’s go take a look at what the One Roof House has to offer!

Spatial focus

The One Roof House focuses on special arrangements rather than the exterior of the house. But, as we can see here, the exterior is not completely neglected, as the home has a contemporary and trendy industrial look, softened by strategic and warm lighting visible on the inside and out.

The house takes up an area of 228 square metres with a single rectangular base and a gabled roof made of a vertically patterned, dark metal which also covers the first floor of the building. This contrasts with the white of the ground floor walls, ensuring aesthetic interest by means of colour blocking.

Entertainment space

Let’s go take a look inside this promising house. As mentioned before, the ground level space of the home is the open, communal area utilised for family activities, as well as social entertaining. We can see that it is a large, bright, open space – perfect for all kinds of family activities or great parties!

The lighting in this area consists of dispersed and recessed floor lamps to ensure a well-lit area throughout. What’s more is that this main area is flanked by sliding glass doors, allowing ample natural light to enter the home at all times.

Simple living

Moving to the back of the previous image, we find the kitchen and accompanying dining area. In addition the recessed ceiling lamps we saw in the open entertainment area which is continued here, we also find hanging ceiling lamps above both the kitchen counter and the dining room table, in order to ensure specific task lighting for these areas.

The flooring consists of polished timber, which lends a beautiful, natural look to the rooms. The rest of the colour scheme is fairly neutral with minimal ornamentation for a clean living space to be filled with the families own memories.

Transitory spaces

Let’s follow the stairs to the first floor. The straight staircase leads to the second level, and is also made of timber, but with more colour variation for an interesting detail in this otherwise empty space.

On the second level we find a radiantly white space which seems to expand infinitely. What we find here is a hallway with some comfortable seating, as well as a working bench by the window with generous natural light.

Children's haven

Now we find a lovely feature space of the home! The last staircase leads up to the attic section of the house, but this space is utilised to its full potential in a number of ways.

The first three treads of the staircase fills the width of the area and are hollow in order to double as a book case! This is an excellent use of space that is also aesthetically pleasing. The clients wanted a house where their two young daughters can learn and play, and with a library like this, education must be a treat.

At the back of this area we can see a feature window, complemented by several pendant lights hanging in front of it.

Parent's treat

Now, a treat for the parents. The attic space or third level of the home hosts an intimate media room. This space is very minimal, making use of not much more than the architecture itself. Using a projection, the white back wall of the room functions as a perfect screen. Other than this, you only need the entertainment system, and whatever furniture is most comfortable for the family’s need.

The room also features a sloped window, providing lovely views of the sky whilst relaxing in your favourite recliner. It seems like the perfect private retreat for anyone’s tastes!

Exterior spaces

The outdoor spaces of the home also provide what’s necessary for recreation and entertainment. Here we can see a porch on the outside of the main entertainment area of the home. It is big enough to accommodate an outdoor dining set and BBQ. Seems like an ideal spot to host intimate summer parties.

This area fall underneath the house’s roof gable, but the section of the roof is open, in order to allow sufficient ventilation and natural light.

Well, this seems like a wonderful family home and ideal alternative to urban apartments, where children and parents can establish valuable memories.

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What did you think about the division of space in the One Roof House? Let us know in the comments. 
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