Landscaping: 7 ways to build a small garden

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Building a small garden is surprisingly easy, you just need some enthusiasm and a weekend to get into it. 

The time has come to impress those neighbours, friends, and even strangers passing by your house. And not by introducing a new coat of paint, but by treating your front garden to a fabulous new design. That large (or small) piece of lawn in front of your house does make a statement, you know. It is visible to everyone, and is the first piece of decor to welcome your guests. Whether open and wide, medium sized, or a bit hidden, the front garden has its part to play, and here you are sure to find some spectacular ideas for yours! 

With this article we aim to provide styles for every taste – from a rustic layout to sophisticated decor. So, start taking notes and get inspired!

1. Lose the field

If you have the space, why not use it? That’s what Italian landscape architects Italiagiardini want to know, and they provide us with a breathtaking example of what to do with your front garden. This is a striking way to welcome your friends to your house, or to lure them to your backyard. A curvy road that leads to the back of the house (or the front entrance, your choice!), with a gorgeous mix of stone and flora added for decoration. 

Notice how each step level makes up a unique garden patch, separated from each other by those stunning walls of stone. Let your imagination run wild with this example (try different coloured flowers per level, or opt for unique assortments of plants).

Take note, though, that boasting about this garden beauty will take time and maintenance – but isn’t having such a visual delight (and being the envy of the neighbourhood) worth it?

2. A fitting style

Get inspired, be creative, yet make sure that your front lawn/garden makes sense in relation to your house’s facade. The idea of any garden is to add a natural touch of peace and harmony to a space. Therefore, make sure that your front area projects a visual ambience that doesn’t mismatch with your house. Take this into consideration when preparing your plants, flowers, pots, lighting, and all the other elements you want in your dream garden.

3. Stones and décor

If you’re in love with the rustic style and want to include it in your front garden, you’ll probably opt for a selection of stones and plants that don’t require too much care (such as trimming, constant watering, etc.). 

As seen here, a decent amount of stones have been added to the garden – different sizes, colours and textures that add a dynamic look to the space. See how beautifully this mirrors with the stone paving/steps leading up to the front door.

Notice that the plants are also different sizes, with the smaller ones placed in the front, to mimic the rural look of the garden.

4. Work with your size

A patch of greenery will make a huge difference to your front facade, regardless of how small it is. Work with your available dimensions, get creative with location, and incorporate some visual stimulation to your house’s front space. 

Notice in our accompanying image what a difference it makes when removing some pavement and replacing it with lush vegetation.

5. Blend scent with scenic

A lavender garden: colour, beauty, and a pleasant scent for a memorable front garden. What’s not to love? Notice how clean and serene the access path and steps look with the addition of plants on both sides, especially that lush purple. A very natural, yet glamorous effect. 

Lavender is always a popular choice for garden lovers, as it does not require much attention/maintenance. They stand out beautifully with regional herbs and plants, so consider adding that touch of purple to your front garden.

6. Get creative with materials

A lot of us have small front yards, yet that is no excuse not to have a gorgeous garden area. Just see what ARKI3D has accomplished here. The house had a small front lawn with a concrete slab and coated stone, projecting the house number, lighting element and home post box. Problem? No problem! They simply added a small little garden right in front of the concrete box, and decorated it with yuccas, shrubs, a few flowers and a stone for a little spot of nature. These plants don’t require much water, and the stone requires none – making for a convenient (and pleasant-looking) little front garden.

7. Organic forms

Now here we have a pleasant little scene: a linear, rigid house structure combined with a soft, free-flowing garden area. Both the sidewalk and small fence portray an organic flow, following a natural, supple rhythm. 

Flowers in vibrant colours combine with the bright green plants, creating a vibrant composition. And see how beautifully these colours of nature offset against the neutral palette of the house – quite harmonious and striking. 

From the front façade to the backyard beauty, see our: 7 Stunners To Boost Your Garden.

Easy, isn’t it? Which ideas would you most like to implement in your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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