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The Small Urban Oasis House

Leigh Leigh
Casas inHAUS Modern dining room
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Designed by the professionals at Casa inHAUS, Spanish architects based in Valencia, this home combines elements of simplicity, functionality and comfort with modern architecture, clean lines and minimalist chic style. 

Called the Chipiona House, the architects have explained that they have gone for the most practical and functional design for this house. Only 75 square metres, it contains a kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Every inch has been utilised! 

This is the perfect example of a house where sustainability and style collide. Without creating a huge carbon footprint or living lavishly in an elaborate home, the homeowners can still live beautifully and trendily.

This little cube is minimalist and magnificent. Follow us as we explore it inside out!

Urban oasis

The modern façade shows how the architects have used ceramic and natural stone to create a warm and natural exterior. The beige stone complements the white ceramic, allowing the exterior to blend into the natural surrounds. 

The gorgeous palm trees and lush bushes have been included in the design. The architects have placed the cube carefully into this space so that they all work together, creating the overall look and feel.

The flat roof and the large, beautiful windows help to create this cube-like effect. The open windows help to transition the interior and the exterior, creating a two-way space of warmth and style. 

Notice how the designers have included a soft light on the exterior wall of the house, illuminating the garden area. This is a fantastic tip for any outside area, allowing you to host evening braais in the garden or keep an eye on the kids while they are playing at dusk.

For more advice on exterior lights, check out these: Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Modern Houses.

Slick and sleek

The kitchen and dining room space is the modern equivalent of minimalist style, where less is more.

The sleek white cupboards and counter tops in the kitchen are complemented by the slick silver appliances. Notice how the counter tops are free from clutter, where the utensils and the crockery are stored inside of the cupboards. If you live in a small space, this is an absolute must. Make the most of storage space so that you can leave the counters and surfaces bare, keeping rooms looking much bigger than they are.

The dining room table is also a small piece of furniture, keeping the area as spacious as possible. The clear glass is also a great stylish tip, as it keeps the table looking light and simple. In a small space, you don't want chunky furniture that is going to crowd the area.

Neutral wooden floors keep this space looking light and bright.

Open plan

This angle shows how the kitchen and dining room area opens up into a small but neat living room. A white coffee table and sofa adds a stylish and trendy element to the room while the blue rug and sofa gives a splash of colour to the space.

Open plan is a wonderful way to make a small space larger as well. The rooms can spill onto each other, with no space wasted with walls or dividers. See how this small room houses a kitchen, living room and dining room, without it looking too squashed? This is the height of comfort!

A large sliding door allows for natural light to filter into the space, illuminating the room without the need for heavy, artificial lighting. The light wooden floors complement this feature beautifully, along with the lightly coloured walls. Natural light is a wonderful way to keep a small space illuminated and is much healthier than using lots of artificial lights. It's also much better for the environment. 

Speak to your builder about adding in skylights and large windows and doors into your home to brighten it up.

Simple sleep

The bedroom space in Chipiona House is the epitome of warmth and comfort. But how to achieve this wonderful, cosy look and feel?

Neutral colours in the bedroom are the key here. Look at how the designers have utilised the beautiful, light wooden floor. They've included a darker wooden base so that the bedroom is made up of different types of warm wood. 

Next the designers have used neutral-coloured linen—white, beige and black—to create the soft, warm tones in the bedroom space. Notice how not a lot of bits and bobs or accessories are needed to create a cocoon-like space. A few simple and beautiful pieces of linen can transform a bedroom space!

The ladder shelf next to the bed is the highlight of this space—modern, funky, simple and trendy. This a great way to recycle an old ladder, using it to hang up towels or scarves. Give it a lick of paint and you're have the perfect bedroom accessory.

Cool as a cucumber

This space shows again how minimalist-style creates the most stylish of spaces. Three simple pieces of furniture can transform a space into something elegant. Don't you think this looks like it comes straight out of the pages of a design magazine?

The blue sofa fits in beautifully with the other blue furniture in the home. This consistent type of design creates a very uniform look and feel throughout the house—a great tip when your home isn't too large. It's also subtle and simple in terms of colour, working with the wooden floors fantastically.

The use of navy and wood has further been complemented by this wooden bookshelf, adding to the uniform appeal of this style. Notice that the shelves aren't jam-packed with books, however. Instead books and picture frames have been delicately placed so as to add subtle décor and design to the room. 

The large lamp is the final touch to this room and is a great feature for any living room or office space. It adds a sophisticated addition to any room. Get to your favourite homeware store and get one today!

Silent night

The cube house is a modern, minimalist masterpiece. Defined by clean lines, simple and warm tones and large, expansive doors and windows, this is a trendy yet sustainable home. 

This is not the first time that Casa inHAUS has achieved such sophistication when it comes to architecture. Villa de lujo Marbella is also an example of exquisite modern design. If you like Chipiona house then you will love this home!

This angle shows how the cube-effect enhances this home, turning a small house into something modern and stylish. 

With the world becoming increasingly populated and the cities we live in becoming more dense and urbanised, sustainable solutions are the only way to go in terms of architecture and housing. This design shows how comfort and style don't need to be compromised in order to achieve this. 

An ideal starter home for a family! Don't you agree? Share your thoughts with us, below!
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