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11 steps to keep your home free of pests

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From flies to mice and everything in between, you want to protect your home from the unappealing prospect of pests, especially when you realise how expensive they are to remove once they've settled in and the damage they can do! Professional waste removal firms know that the key to a pest-free home is effective rubbish maintenance, but there are a few other steps that you can take to really ensure you never get overrun with hard-to-evict visitors, which we are going to tell you about today. Some rooms are naturally more likely to tempt pests, like your kitchen, but every room in your home can be effectively managed to prevent an infestation, so let's find out how!

1. Seal up any potential entrances!

Extra entrances into your home can become front doors for unwanted guests, which is why you need to think about things such as cat flaps! Maintaining a tight seal that will banish pests but still let your furry friends come in and out is vital, so be sure to fit everything really snugly. 

2. Manage your moisture levels.

Bathroom 3: eclectic Bathroom by JSD Interiors
JSD Interiors

Bathroom 3

JSD Interiors

Moisture can be a key issue in terms of pests and did you know that a cockroach can live without food for months, if it has access to water? Argh! Keep an eye on your moisture levels and be sure to have effective ventilation in damp spaces, such as bathrooms. There are even some plants that can regulate damp levels, so a natural approach is possible.

3. Add screens to chimneys.

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If you have any chimneys or vents, they are prime real estate for pests that want to enter your home! A simple solution is to add mesh screens, just to block them out but keep the air flowing.

4. Store food hygienically.

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This is SO critical! Always check that you are storing your food in a safe and hygienic way, to prevent scavengers creeping inside the house! Keep an eye on use by dates as well, as rotting food is like a beacon for pests!

5. Empty bins regularly.

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Your bins are a sitting banquet for household pests, so be sure to always empty them as soon as they start t get full. Use tie-handle bags to securely contain your spoiled goods and, if possible, scented bags can make it harder for pests to find all that delicious waste!

6. Clear up crumbs and spillages immediately.

Cleaning as you cook is really important. It's so easy to leave a couple of spills here and some crumbs there, but if they get lost under your kitchen cabinets, pests WILL find them. It won't take long to get into the habit of wiping up as you prepare food and anti-bacterial wipes make it so simple.

7. Keep the house clean.

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If you don't commit to a regular schedule of cleaning your home, you are basically inviting pests to come in and take up residence. Vacuuming, dusting and mopping is all key to a dazzling home that holds no appeal for nasty little pests!

8. Treat your pets regularly.

We all love our pets, but they are an easy transport system for pests to get into the home! Treating your companions for mites, ticks and fleas once a month is absolutely essential, for their health and your sanity, as once some little bugs get in the house they will love making your soft furnishings their new nest!

9. Minimise the amount of clutter.

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The less clutter you have in your home, the fewer hiding places there are for pests to make use of, so it's time to have a massive decluttering session! You don't have to embrace minimalism, but just scale it back on the ornaments and paper side of things.

10. Inspect everything you bring into the house.

When you do your grocery shopping, always check the dates and have a quick scan to make sure there isn't anything nasty hiding inside. You don't want to be on the news for finding spiders in your bananas, after all. Also, if you pick up some bargains from thrift stores, give them a thorough clean before installing, especially textiles!

11. Install halogen lights.

Halogen lights hold much less appeal for flies and bugs than standard bulbs and they even cost a lot less to run as well! Talk about a double-win! A simple solution to a really annoying problem, we think this would be a great starting point!

For more DIY tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 11 low-cost DIY home improvement ideas.

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