10 decluttering projects you can do in 15 minutes or less

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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We've all been there, a few hectic days at work, deadlines, family responsibilities and we just haven't had the time to declutter and organise our homes. But, with the help of homify, you can now tidy your interior in 15 minutes or less. Granted, this is just to clean your home from simple clutter, although we all need to begin somewhere. Let's take a look at these 10 tips and tricks.

1. Storage

country Kitchen by Tim Jasper
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

Plan your kitchen drawers to be stylish, utilising those hidden corners to ensure its efficiently organised.

2. Make up your bed

Your mom was right, make up your bed and tidy your room before your leave every morning. This will allow you to come home to a neat and comfortable room after work.

3. Empty the bins

modern Study/office by Korbo



Those bills and papers piled up in your bin will definitely let your office look untidy and disorganised. Be sure to empty them every morning, so you aren't reminded of your binge on sweets and chips throughout the day.

4. Put them away

classic Study/office by homify

Home Office


 Place your books back where they belong, do this at the end of every day.

5. Kitchen counters

modern Kitchen by C7 architects
C7 architects

Wickham House

C7 architects

Clean and clear kitchen counters are essential for a tidier home. Work on old newspaper to make it easier to dispose of dirt and then wipe down your counters after preparing a meal.

6. No dirty dishes

rustic Kitchen by Uptic Studios
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Wash those dirty dishes after a meal. Don't let them pile up at the end over two or three days, it's a bad habit.

7. Bespoke furniture

modern Living room by PATH Architecture
PATH Architecture

Laurelhurst Carriage House

PATH Architecture

Get furniture that fits your space, even if it means the bespoke option.

8. Closet

modern Bedroom by Collective Works
Collective Works

Master Bedroom

Collective Works

Store your clothing in an unused room and create your own fancy walk-in closet.

9. Fix your pillows

eclectic Living room by Indie Style Interiors
Indie Style Interiors

Indie Style Interiors—all season living with style

Indie Style Interiors

Fix or pillows after you get up, your living room will remain tidy and inviting, perfect for those days when you get unexpected visitors.

10. Clean out the cupboard

modern Kitchen by in-toto Amersham
in-toto Amersham

in-toto Amersham

in-toto Amersham

The grocery cupboard harbours everything from tin foods to pastas, take some time out to check on the expiry dates before you buy any more items. Here are 11 things in your home you probably forget to clean (but should!)

How do you keep your home organised?
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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