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Colour is all around us. Vibrant, strong, bright, dark – they captivate our surroundings regardless of where we go. Different shades mix and produce new tones, presenting us with unique hues that sport equally unique names (Gulf Coast blue, Ballet Slipper pink, etc.). Of course in our day-to-day conversations, nobody expects us to name the exact tones; we generally just refer to the colour wheel of green, pink, blue, black, etc. 

We all have our favourite colour(s), but that does not mean that we coat everything in that tint. Is pink your favourite choice? Splendid, but be careful to use it in small doses. And when it comes to colour variations and combinations, we have a world of possibilities to decorate our homes and spaces – like our bedrooms, for example. 

But before you start picking out palettes, did you know that colours have powers? They not only look “pretty” or “warm”, they are absorbed by our minds, affect our nervous systems, influence our emotions, and can alter our moods. Therefore, let the colour of your bedroom be chosen by some serious planning, as it is the place where you need to rest, recuperate, and spend intimate moments. 

Today we tackle six different colour possibilities for the bedroom, and see how they influence the space. And even if you don’t remember every single word you read, hopefully the colours in the images will make strong statements on your memories and choices.


As with all the other colours, green is loved by some and hated by others. Fair enough. But telling somebody to incorporate green into their bedroom does not mean green walls and floors, green sheets, green carpets and green everything – not at all. Rather have green as the mood, the theme, if you will. 

See how stunningly green has been brought into a bedroom, as Andreia Louraço shows us in our accompanying image. Tropical is the theme here, so green has been turned into a holiday colour of nature, paradise, vegetation – a soft and lush shade to lullaby us off to sleep. 

And what do the colour experts have to say about green? Green is a colour that relieves tension and aggression, and is the perfect choice for working on that optimistic outlook. According to chromotherapy (or colour therapy), is helps to ease pain. 

Quite the perfect choice for a harmonious bedroom, then.


Blue is the favourite choice of many many people (both men and women), therefore it’s a colour that shows up in a multitude of homes. It’s a choice that works well in every room, without exception. Whether you opt for a darker shade or a lighter hue, blue works well on its own, or with a handful of other colours. 

Blue can extend a space, either by having an entire wall in a light blue, or opting for a marriage of white and light blue, as shown in our example. 

Colour therapy tells us that blue enhances relaxation and serenity. It helps to overcome fears and aids in our recovery from fatigue. Who wouldn’t want these qualities in their bedroom?


The colour of passion, of love, of fire – red is intensity personified! A beautiful colour, granted, but not the ideal choice for the bedroom. An entire room coated in red might make for one unique evening away from home, but no more. 

For those who love red, rather use it in the decor (pillows, rugs, curtains) to create a pleasant contrast to the rest of the room’s more neutral tones. Avoid an overtly red palette in the nursery, as it is not the right tone recommended for a resting environment. It can increase irritation, enhance aggression, and even up the heart rate. 

Feel free to add some red to your house, but in spaces such as a corridor, entry hall, or for minimum areas in the kitchen where we don’t spend as much time as in the bedroom.


Yes for yellow! The colour that transports us to summer days, sunshine, or toasted beaches. It is an attractive colour, a warm shade that can be perfect for a place of rest, but should also be used sparingly. 

Yellow is known as a happy and welcoming colour, perfect for stimulating optimism and radiating positive energy. Did you know that opting for a yellow bedroom will help wake you up each morning? This vibrant and energetic colour can be the ideal substitute for sunshine streaming into our homes. What would the right yellow tone look like in your bedroom?


Purple is mostly associated with environments for young girls. It works beautifully as a colour for children, as it is light and cheerful. 

However, change the tone in the purple spectrum, and you could find the ideal colour for adult women too. Feel free to combine lighter with darker shades for the bedroom, as its elegant tones make purple a perfect colour for combinations. 

But less is certainly more, so stop before you end up with a completely purple room. If used in large quantities, purple can refer to sadness, longing and melancholy.


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Brown in all its different tones is always a welcome colour, and not just for the bedroom. It works well in furniture, doors, closets, wooden floors… It is also the ideal option for those of us who prefer a bit of intensity in the bedroom (colour wise). 

Brown is the colour that conveys serenity, safety, nature, and even sophistication. It is a warm colour, but is also found in the neutral palettes. As it can match any element in a room, it is undoubtedly a classic. It is long-lasting, so feel free to keep your browns in the room while changing the other colours for different moods and environments. 

As it is an earth colour, it promotes concentration and organisation. So, dare to opt for a bedroom that is simultaneously chic and soothing by adding your favourite colour to a pristine brown tone. 

Right, so the colour is sorted. Now let’s take a look at some more: Ideas For Your Dream Bedroom.

Which colour would you choose for your bedroom? Let us know in the comments!

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