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9 TV/living rooms examples from South African homes

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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The living room often doubles up as a TV area, which means the space needs to be cosy, comfortable and attractive enough to relax and unwind in style. In this homify article, there are 9 awesome living rooms to choose from, each proudly South African. When planning your living room, think about textures, tones and illumination to get it looking chic and eye-catching. Let's see how these helpful hints and tips can inspire you!

1. Elements of blue

Blue & Green TV Room: modern Living room by Sophistique Interiors
Sophistique Interiors

Blue & Green TV Room

Sophistique Interiors

So you'd like to incorporate your favourite colour throughout your home, but need to do so subtly, then think of how to decorate with touches here and there, as well as different shades.

2. TV placement

Salida del Sol Morningside: modern Living room by Flaneur Architects
Flaneur Architects

Salida del Sol Morningside

Flaneur Architects

The placement of your TV is essential when planning your living room decor. It's best to secure it where there are plug points already, to avoid any costly electrical work.

3. Spacious

Modern Farmhouse - Silverlakes Nature Reserve: modern Living room by Karel Keuler Architects
Karel Keuler Architects

Modern Farmhouse—Silverlakes Nature Reserve

Karel Keuler Architects

Plenty of sunshine and space will make a living room comfortable and elegant, while ensuring that it's the perfect place to entertain loved ones with conversation, epic views of the landscape and perhaps even an amazing meal.

4. Quirky

House Pautz: modern Living room by Blunt Architects
Blunt Architects

House Pautz

Blunt Architects

A bit of quirkiness never hurt anyone, so go on and include a bit of charisma and charm with a dramatic colour scheme and some industrial accents.

5. Eclectic

There's nothing more eclectic than contrast, whether it be a fantastic monochrome rug or floral print sofa, this living room is just fascinating.

6. Minimal

Opt for minimal features in your living room if you prefer clean, modern lines and simplicity.

7. Neutral

Or how about some neutral colours for a cosy effect. There's nothing more warm and welcoming on a bitter winter evening, especially with a fireplace at your side.

8. Petite

TV Room - After:   by Turquoise

TV Room—After


If space is an issue, then choose small furniture that fits perfectly, taking measurements is key before purchasing anything new.

9. With storage

It's vital to plan storage adequately in your living room too, so think about decor that works aesthetically and is great for keeping a home organised. Have a look at 17 TV placement ideas for living rooms

How have you decorated your living room?
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