9 cool new ideas for your wardrobe

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Yes, we know the main aim of a wardrobe or closet is to hold your fashionable clothing items, but that does not give you the right to neglect that hanging- and/or storage space. After all, a wardrobe or closet, regardless of whether it’s in your bedroom, hallway or in its own separate dressing room, is part of your furniture, and deserves to be treated with the same respect and commitment to style as, say, your living room sofas and dining room table.

Let’s see what options exist to make an ordinary wardrobe come to stylish life (and enhance its functionality levels)…

1. Add some accent (lighting)

Want to highlight those shoes (or whatever else you store in that wardrobe)? Accent lighting is the way to go!

2. A corner closet

Some plasterboard walls, a few floating shelves, and you have an instant dressing space where an empty nook used to be.

3. Meticulous storing

This wardrobe has it all: hanging space, cubby holes and drawers in varied sizes for a range of fashion items.

4. Add some colour

Give your wardrobe’s inside spaces some colourful character.

5. Tailor-made for you

What would be the best choice for that empty corner in your bedroom: an armchair, or an extra wardrobe, tailor-made to fit in perfectly?

6. Multi-purpose magnificence

Low on legroom? Let that wardrobe do so much more than store your clothes – see how this example separates the sleeping- and dressing spaces, while also functioning as a mirror.

7. Why not use your walls?

Want to add extra storage potential to your wardrobe or closet? Wall niches can be perfect to store a range of fashionables!

8. Hang ‘em up!

How about installing a few wall hook or knobs to your wardrobe’s exterior surfaces to help you arrange clothing and accessories more easily?

9. Terrific texture

Say “no” to a dull look – a few adhesives or wall decals and your ordinary-looking wardrobe can flaunt a look-at-me style in a matter of minutes. 

Next up: The easy way to design a closet in your bedroom.

Which of these ideas will you be trying out on your wardrobe back home?

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