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11 practical storage solutions for small kitchens

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Kitchen storage is always a conundrum, especially if your living space is petite, but that doesn't mean we cannot make it happen. These 11 practical yet organised storage ideas are sure to upgrade your tiny kitchen in no time, and they're easy to implement as well! Let's take a look at these helpful hints to keep your home neat and tidy.

1. Jars at hand

Get rid of unsightly boxes all over your grocery cupboard and replace them with simple, yet elegant glass jars.

2. Straight forward

The storage of this stylish kitchen is straight forward, with just enough cupboards to keep the space organised.

3. Shelves

country Kitchen by Humphrey Munson
Humphrey Munson

The Thatched Cottage, Suffolk | Modern Soft Grey Country Cottage Kitchen

Humphrey Munson

A small kitchen can look a lot more warm and welcoming with open shelves to store all those day to day crockery items.

4. Maximise space

Tinned foods and groceries can be bought months in advance so you never run out of anything again. A large grocery cupboard with plenty of shelves will ensure that your space stays neat and tidy.

5. Get rid of old goods

classic Kitchen by Lewis Alderson
Lewis Alderson

Surrey kitchen

Lewis Alderson

Check up on the expiry dates of all your stored groceries regularly or keep a list of the items and their expiry dates so you know what needs to be used up soon.

6. Use the walls

modern Kitchen by Estúdio 102
Estúdio 102

Bar Gourmet

Estúdio 102

The walls in your kitchen are an organisational asset, so use them to store cutlery, knives and even include extra shelving for those items you can put on display in your rustic kitchen.

7. Clever

country Kitchen by NAKED Kitchens
NAKED Kitchens

Intelligent Kitchen Storage Solutions

NAKED Kitchens

Those hard to reach items at the back of the cupboard will now be easier to reach with these clever pull out shelves.

8. Hang it

industrial Kitchen by The Plate Rack
The Plate Rack

The Mighty Plate Rack

The Plate Rack

Or opt to hang your mugs with these easy to install hooks and you'll have a vintage element in your kitchen too.

9. One of each

We've all been there, three tin openers, five corkscrews and two whisks, check which items work properly and only store those in the kitchen, discard those broken and unusable items to make more space.

10. Vertical wall

mediterranean Kitchen by 08023 Architects
08023 Architects

Cocina | Casa A

08023 Architects

Niches in the wall can be a sensational alternative to ordinary shelving.

11. Smart corners

country Kitchen by Tim Jasper
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

Just because you have a corner in your kitchen doesn't mean you need to lose storage, go for a personalised drawer such as this and make your kitchen creative again. Have a look at these From the pros: 10 kitchen tips you need to know

How have you included practical storage in your kitchen?
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