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9 tips for sorting out the mess in the kitchen

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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How do you maintain your kitchen to keep it neat and tidy? Well, in this homify feature, we look at 9 awesome tips to sort out that unsightly mess that gets your gourmet kitchen looking ugly and uninhabitable. It may need some time and effort, but your home kitchen will definitely look attractive and full of life again… just in time for your next home party.

1. Get rid of the garbage

So you left your brother to house sit while you were on holiday, and you came back to something that reflected a fraternity house. It would probably be a good idea to throw out all those pizza and take-away boxes first before getting started with other clutter.

2. Soak the dishes

Pots often require a bit more elbow grease to clean, so soak the pots, pans and utensils in warm soapy water and begin washing the glasses and plates.

3. Tackle the stove

Chances are that your stove has some caked on grease and grime too. Use a good quality kitchen detergent and let the grease dissolve while you pack away the dishes.

4. Don't forget the knobs

Remove the knobs and soak them too, this will get rid of the grime that is located inside the plastic too.

5. Clean the microwave

A pet peeve for many is a disgusting microwave with years of food and oil collecting inside, in order to clean your microwave with no scrubbing, slice lemon in a bowl of water and put it in your microwave for 1 minute.

6. Clean your surfaces

Now that you've cleaned your appliances, it's time to get your surfaces scrubbed.

7. Shelves

Ensure that everything has its place with some simple wooden shelving.

8. All-white

House Shenck Rerh Modern kitchen by Rudman Visagie Modern
Rudman Visagie

House Shenck Rerh

Rudman Visagie

A lovely all-white kitchen can easily look spic and span in no time.

9. Lighting

Residential French Lane Modern kitchen by HEID Interior Design Modern Granite
HEID Interior Design

Residential French Lane

HEID Interior Design

Modern illumination is another superb way to get your kitchen looking fantastic, neat and tidy. Have a look at these 6 things to remove from your home—right now

How do you keep your kitchen neat and tidy?
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