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Bathroom options that will floor you

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The bathroom is becoming increasingly unlike it has ever been, it is becoming an equipped space that is also decorated with the utmost care and accuracy, so that you can create a functional and practical room that is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Comfortable, stylish – the bathroom is becoming a place where we do not have to feel uncomfortable any longer.

Thus, all objects, decorative items and pieces of furniture we use are of great importance, and the characteristics of materials gain greater relevance in the definition of the space. If we want to be able to create a bathroom that is both functional and comfortable, we should think very carefully about all the details and components that make up the room before moving on to its construction.

In today’s article we will talk about the bathroom floor, which is an extremely important element not only for the beauty of the space, but also to ensure high levels of comfort and well-being. The bathroom floor and the materials we use to build it should be chosen specifically for the space – carefully selected and properly fitted. It is extremely important that the floor perfectly fulfils its function and, therefore, combines comfort, water- and moisture resistance, easy cleaning, and durability.

Here we leave you with some functional solutions for the bathroom floor. Try to learn a little of each before making your choice. Hopefully we can help you with that!


Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that can be used in two versions: wooden laminate, and laminate for high floor traffic.

Wooden laminate uses natural wood coated with varnish. We are talking about a floor composed of wood veneer with a layer of protection that is denser and offers more resistance. Often this type of laminate has much to do with the aesthetic factors linked to the characteristics of the material. Still, it is a floor installation which is easy to clean, water-resistant, and not prone to scratching.

High traffic laminates also have the main characteristics of resistance to wear and scratching. It is made of pressed wood particles. Installation and cleaning is easy, and is very resistant to gathering dirt. Both options are good solutions for your bathroom and your choice will always depend on your own tastes, and you do want to create an environment according to your budget. Since we are talking about a specific area in your home, keep in mind that you need a type of laminate that is resistant to moisture, water and infiltrations.


The tiled floor is probably the most common in bathrooms. Numerous colour options, patterns, shapes and sizes are at our disposal in modern times. You can therefore play with the available options according to the style you want and in the given space.

Create different areas within the room by building patterns to your liking and create, through colour and image, the desired environment for your bathroom. The application and use of the material is simple and this is effective in function. It is easy to install and to clean, and it is also not too costly. We must still take into account that this is a material that is not reinforced and can be easily damaged, drop out of place and form cracks after some time of use.


Wood is a known material and to which is attached very interesting features. The comfort and warmth transmitted into the space, even in acoustic terms, makes it more comfortable and welcoming.

Over time, solutions have been created to allows us to use wood today in areas where contact with moisture and water is an unavoidable reality. We need only to treat it and undertake some general maintenance from time to time. This type of treatment and maintenance allows wood to remain stable, tough, durable and resistant to water stains. When choosing a type of wood, opt for higher quality and endurance. Although it can be more expensive, the higher quality types are those which present the best results in the short and long term. Enjoy the unique characteristics of the material and make the bathroom cosy, elegant and warm.

Be inspired by this image, presented by Home Staging Factory.


Linoleum is an increasingly used option for flooring. It is a material which allows you to enjoy its comfort, thermal qualities and textural characteristics. Linoleum can therefore be an interesting solution to use in your home. It is a relatively affordable material, easy to install, and when well-chosen and assembled, offers pleasant visual effects. However, when choosing the best linoleum product, opt for a thicker type which provides greater water resistance.

When installing, please note that this is a material that can easily appear damaged and cracked, and you should repair open spaces as soon as possible in order to avoid the instance of fungi.


A bathroom with a carpet on the floor is always more comfortable. According to the area and its features, choose the carpet that best fits the space. Long carpets in bathrooms and square ones of the same size are ideal.

You can also use two smaller carpets, one for flanking the bathtub or shower area and one for the sink. This is a decorative accessory that, in addition to adding practical and aesthetic value, helps you compose the bathroom area, giving it a touch of colour and dynamism. Play with textures and designs of the carpet and make it a decorative item. There’s nothing like resting your feet on a soft and warm fabric when you leave the bath, right?


Stone is, along with wood, an excellent material in construction. Its resistance and its aesthetic features make it increasingly used in various spaces of the house, whether indoor or outdoor. The main disadvantage regarding the use of this material is its price. The quality of stone as a scarce product and its installation in buildings requires skilled labour that itself can be very costly. However, it is a material that increases the quality of your house, increasing its market value. 

Depending on your options and the atmosphere you want to create, you can use the material in its natural or treated form, and thus have the option of having a more rustic look with a raw floor, or on the other hand, a more bright and stylish result with the treated option. Whatever your choice, it will certainly serve you well with a stylish, durable and unique coating.

Heated floor

Installing a heated floor will make your bathroom a more friendly and functional space, offering levels of comfort and well-being only accessible to some. If you go for the heated option, we recommend the underfloor heating solution which holds the most ecological system, which is also more comfortable and economical. This system functions to keep the heat inside the room, allowing an increase of temperature in the room, offering a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Underfloor heating is actualised by a network of pipes embedded in the subfloor which allows the movement and distribution of heat into space. This system is controlled by a thermostat that ensures that the environment is maintained at a temperature considered perfect. The system can be installed without a problem into any type of flooring, and is eco-friendly and economic in terms of energy expenditure. No doubt a solution to consider.


A material increasingly used for the flooring in private bathrooms, especially in more modern and contemporary style homes. You will find it available in two forms ready to be applied: in rolls and in modules. It is a material easy to use and includes a simple cleaning process which guarantees enough strength and durability. This is a material that will fit well in a modern style house, youthful and innovative, with lower costs when compared to others.

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