Woodworking: how to build your own deck DIY

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Woodworking and DIY are two categories that go hand-in-hand… so why not get your skills out and have a go!

If you love the idea of enjoying the sunshine from the comfort of your garden, then this may just be the perfect DIY option for your home. In this homify feature, we tackle the DIY deck issue and how best to create one, exceptionally suited for your own living space. Let's see how a deck can change our home, making it more social and great for entertaining.

1. Define your requirements

So if you already have an existing deck that just needs a bit of an upgrade, then chances are that most of the work has been done already. From designating an area in the garden to marking out the size, all you need to do is check which planks need replacing and sanding the wood to avoid splinters. 

However, if you're starting your deck design from scratch, then there are a few things to consider, such as the space available, colour and type of wood that best suits your budget.

2. Lay out the structure

The deck design needs a bottom structure to ensure that it doesn't touch the ground. This is especially necessary during the rainy season.

3. Gravel

Ensure that there is gravel beneath your deck structure so water won't soak into the wood after heavy rainfall.

4. Start laying the planks

In this image we start getting an idea of the end result. The wooden planks have been laid and the deck is taking gorgeous shape.

5. Sanding process

Sand down the planks to get rid of any splinters and rough edges and then sand the edges of the planks for an even effect.

6. A coat or two

Varnish your wooden deck to protect it from the harsh elements of rain and sun, while giving it a striking hue too.

7. Completed and amazing

This wooden deck will easily become the hub of socialising and entertainment with loved ones. What's even better is that it is poolside and playful from all angles. Here's another deck how to Woodworking: 7 easy steps to building your own deck

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