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The easy way to design a closet in your bedroom

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When we have a bedroom that is not very big, but we want a place for all of our clothes, we start to look at all of the places that it could possibly go—our imaginations run amok! We want the area to have a closet that really works, a place to get dressed in the bedroom without taking up too much space.

The closet needs to a certain size, where can organise clothes, shoes and other clothing accessories so that they are not all over the bedroom. We need a dressing area that is separate from the bedroom, but this doesn't necessarily mean that it has to have doors separating it. 

We need to decide how we can create a functional, dressing area. This article by homify will show you how!

1. Decide the size of the dressing room

There are a few basic measurements that you need to design a dressing room

Firstly, you need to decide on the how much space you have for hanging your clothes and ensure that there is at least 60cm free for these clothes to hang. If you aren't going to include doors, such as in this photograph, you can work out exactly where your dressing room will start. 

You also need to take into account space for a person to access their clothes in this dressing area. In terms of length, as seen is this example, you can take up the entire length of the room. A recommended size for a dressing room is 1.8 metres for the width, while the length can be determined by the size of the room.

And there you have your dimensions and measurements for a dressing room!

2. Choosing materials

The materials used for a dressing area depend entirely on the area that it is going to be positioned in.

For example, if there is a bigger space we can use material like timber or wood to build the dressing area. If there is a smaller space, we may have to use something lighter and thinner, that allows us to utilise the space. This is much more size-friendly!

The shelves and drawers can be made from metal or plastic and can be used like these shelves and drawers are used by designers Elfa to create smart storage solutions. This achieves a very professional design element as well, making the dressing room seem like it is constructed by an expert.

There are also companies that build tailor-made shelves and drawers, which can be designed to suit the space that you have available in your room. You can speak to these experts about the best materials to use, whether its natural wood or painted. This will determine the price of the materials.

3. Organising space

The spaces in this closet are divided into areas for hanging clothes as well as shelves to fold clothes. There is also a smaller hanging space for shirts and blouses.

If you want a longer space to hang items like dresses, however, you need to have a hanging space that is about 1.5 metres in height. You can ask an expert to help custom-make this type of hanging space, depending on the size available as well as how many there are of you in the family who will need to hang clothes in this area. 

Drawers or shelves can be used for folded items as well as items such as underwear. It's not practical to have these shelves too high as these folded items—including underwear—are often the items that need to be accessed every day! Place your shoes and other more commonly used clothes on the bottom shelves and use the top shelves to store bags.

Try and carpet your dressing area to make it comfortable for when you are searching for clothes, shoes and accessories barefoot.

Remember that when a closet or dressing room is organised, you'll have the perfect smart storage solution!

4. Designing the lighting

The lighting in the dressing room should be designed so that you can find every last item in your closet, even that old sock! The lights need to illuminate the hanging space as well as the shelves where your accessories are stored.

The lighting should also be positioned cleverly in the dressing room, so that one person doesn't block it when they are trying to look for an item, casting a shadow across everything. If possible, opt for little lights in a few spots around the dressing room so that the shelves and the hanging spaces are illuminated.

One thing to avoid is lights that generate too much heat—you don't want to be sweating as you get out of the shower! Air conditioner in this space helps too, but you can also put a fan in the room to avoid getting too hot while changing. 

If you have a window, you can also open this for a fresh breeze from the outside.

5. Using different types of accessories

The design of a dressing room depends on the space that is available in the room. When the space is small,  this may be an opportunity for a dressing room that is a bit longer but not as wide.

This doesn't have to impact on the amount of clothes you can hang or store, however. Place extendable hooks in your closet, allowing clothes to be stored deep into the dressing room space but still allowing you to pull them out and search through them when you need them. This allows for more clothes to be stored in a smaller space!

Ask the experts for advice on different accessories that will help you to assemble your dressing room and design different spaces for your clothes, without taking up too much space.

6. Using boxes to organise items

Different sized boxes make for a wonderful way to store clothes, shoes and accessories. You can choose different textures, different sizes, different colours and different shapes, which allow you to maintain order in this area. Use them for anything from underwear to scarves to smaller accessories. You can even use them for your jewellery!

Transparent shoe boxes are very popular today, keeping closets and dressing rooms clean and organised while still being able to see your shoes and access them quickly.

Designing a closet or dressing room can be fun and can help to change the whole look and feel of your home! Get organised and get storing smartly!

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