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Just when we think we’ve seen it all, homify 360° treats us to yet another surprise in the architectural world. Our latest discovery may be small, yet it packs a powerful punch as an impressive residence. It stands out, it has a clever layout, and it is pure harmony in terms of form and function. 

German- based +Moeve Architekten BDA created this small yet stylish structure for their client who required the minimum space for her and her two dogs. No interior doors were a prerequisite, so of course the professionals conjured up a creation that their client could be proud of. 

Single-storey houses are becoming increasingly popular due to the simplicity of their construction. Their foundations also don’t need to be as sturdy as multiple volume houses, which means a savings of costs and time. 

Let’s discover this new definition of simplicity.

A clear structure

At first glance, we can see that no superfluous elements adorn the facade. It’s straightforward and simplistic, yet far from bland. 

Wood was chosen for the house’s material, making it more in touch with nature. This, of course, also plays a part in the costs and speed of the house’s construction – so, a win-win situation for all involved.

The facade makes use of untreated pine panels in different coloured foil, alternately arranged horizontally and vertically – a unique contrast that we don’t see very often.

A private terrace

At the back of the house, where the structure forms a U shape, we glimpse a tiny outdoor patio. Paved with grey-tone cobblestones (in line with the exterior neutral palette), it complements the geometric form, as it stays perfectly inside the border of the walls. From this angle we are afforded a better view of the alternating wooden panels. 

Here is where we find the ideal space for an exterior dining set, or simply a lounger and side table for some afternoon reading and/or sun soaking. 

Main entrance

We locate the front door on the right side of the front façade, next to a little garden patch that consists of vegetation and dark pebbles. Notice how delicate the white of the door and window frames contrast against the browns of the wood. 

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Free-flowing interior

Just as the client required, no doors were added to the interior sections. But that doesn’t mean that we have one huge open-floor plan that comprises all the different rooms. On the contrary, a delicate hallway divides the rooms, making the interior into a functional division with different zones. 

Where the facade relied on a natural combination of wooden browns, the interior opted for a softer tone of whites. Smart choice, as it goes a long way to visually enhancing this minimalistic space.

Dining space

We locate the kitchen, which shares its space with a roomy and bright dining area. Just to break the linear theme a bit, a round table was added. Warm wood was chosen for the table and chairs, adding a cosy atmosphere to any meal that is to be enjoyed here. 

Typical of the minimalist style, no overly decorated patterns or colours are to be seen – it’s clean, calm and quiet, and it works perfectly. 

Whether your tastes are in the minimalistic realm, or you prefer a more country-style space, you’re sure to find what you’re seeking in our dining room collection.

The bedroom

As the bedroom is the place where we rest and recharge, most of us opt for soft whispers of colour instead of harsh bright tones. A dusty beige purple was chosen for the curtains, with the primary colours on the bedspread treated to a soft, sandy coating. 

The slim windows are adequate for some natural lighting, yet small enough to allow for a peaceful afternoon nap.

An ingenious layout or not your style at all? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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