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Modern entrance halls that make a statement

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When we meet someone, we always try to make a good impression, or at least treat them with courtesy and kindness. A great friendship can start with a simple handshake, so we always try to make a good first impression. This is the same in our homes. The façade of our house gives an appearance of what we have and how much we care for it, but the entrance hall is like that first nod or greeting in which you must convince people that they want to know you. So we must ensure that our entrance hall always has the ability to leave a smile on our guests’ faces.

Because it’s part of us, we should leave some clues for those we are attracted to and interested in knowing better. It’s like the trailer of a movie. It should contain the main elements of who we are, and give some clues as to what you will find in the house, but just enough to engage the beholder. In addition, it must convey confidence and comfort, in order to convince our visitors that the environment of the rest of the house will be perfect to enjoy the time they spend there.

With tables, books, bicycles, lamps, chairs, mirrors, textiles, or even works of art—any element can be a good idea to design your entrance hall, you just need to know what you like to see when you get home every day. Don’t worry, though, the decision will not be permanent and you can change it when you need to.

1. A reflection of the inner

When we arrive at someone’s home, we always try to look good, and we want to ensure that our appearance is adequate. Imagine that you are going to meet your in-laws – surely before you sit with them in the room you would want to make sure you look perfect for the occasion. Although it really does not have to be a special occasion, we always like to look good. So if you want your visitors to feel calm, it is best to add a mirror to your entrance hall, this will help them feel more secure and confident.

2. A place to take a seat

Sometimes we get to a place after having walked a lot, and we need a place to sit down. Otherwise, some of us may feel uncomfortable standing in a house that we visit for the first time, we do not know what to do with ourselves or how far we can go, and usually to sit down is the best option. So if you want your guests to feel comfortable, and also to rest, if the journey has been long. Grange Mexico proposes this elegant and comfortable design, but actually you can choose from a hundred models.

3. Tables

Tables are the basic furniture items of entrance halls. No matter if you put up a mirror, a lamp, flowers, or whatever, there should always be a table or a place where you can put stuff when you get home. Moreover, it is practical and economic advice to spice up your entrance hall, because with just a few details you can transform your hall into a stylish space. Lamps, mirrors and pictures are your best allies to decorate your hall. You can use some modern designs to give a sense of dynamism, and eve use multiple colours for a very specific atmosphere in your space.

4. For shoes

Any woman would love to have a piece of furniture like this in their entrance hall. Imagine how perfect it would be to come home from work and change your shoes for comfortable slippers, not to mention how housewives will appreciate less stains on the floor from dirty shoes. That’s why Connox is unique in proposing this wooden shelf to keep shoes. This design shows us how to combine materials, colours and shapes to fit small spaces in a small room, managing to have a rack, a shelf and a table all in a small area.

5. For book lovers

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Reading is a passion which cannot fail, and very corner is a good to open one of those magical bridges that takes us to new places, times, and even worlds. Your visitors will surely appreciate a detail like this in the entrance hall, since they will not only feel more relaxed in an atmosphere of confidence, but maybe they will also discover a treasure among your books. If you want to recommend authors, though, it is best to put out some anthologies of short stories and poetry, since nobody likes to leaf through half a chapter.

6. An entrance hall with wheels

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As mentioned earlier, an entrance hall is like a movie trailer for your home, and including some details on our way back will make our guests feel a little closer to us, and could even be a way to find a new sidekick. Also, if the family shares a hobby, such as cycling, then this detail proposed by Cycloc is something you should have in your entrance hall. Not only will you reach a very original and personalised design, but it will also help you to bring order to your home and keep your bicycles in one space, avoiding the clutter.

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Did we miss anything? What else does a modern entrance hall need? Let us know!

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