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This Home is a Zen Master

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21arquitectos Minimalist house
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Today on homify 360⁰ we visit a nearly celestial home in Atotonilco el Alto, Mexico. This ambitious project is a 390sqm residence with extraordinary views and luxurious spaces. 21Architects, based in Zapopan, created this impressive home and we have the privilege to take a tour of it!

The building consists of several geometric volumes stacked on top one another in a perpendicular fashion. Cubed and rectangular alcoves are carved out of these geometric volumes for the windows, balconies and entryways. The combined use of black, white, stone and glass produces a striking ensemble and inspiring residence.

Join us to view this spectacular home!

Interesting angles

Here we can see the main view of the house, from a frontal angle. We can also clearly see the perpendicular angles of the separate volumes on top of each other. These angles create various different indoor and outdoor spaces.

On the right there is a stone staircase leading up to the main entrance, after passing a subtle bedding with graceful trees. On the left we see the parking garage, which is a large space for the family’s transport.

The lighting in this picture surely basks the home in a warm and almost heavenly glow, and as we’ll see moving forward, this seems appropriate to the house’s design with its light interiors and aesthetic elements.

Colour puzzle

In this picture we are privileged to witness an aerial view of the house. This angle provides a view of the front of the house seen from the right. This allows for us to see the perpendicular juncture of the volumes of the home, forming a corner in from which a porch area and balcony with scenic views extends.

An interesting colour scheme is brought about by the starkly contrasting main volumes of the home, the left of which is white, while the right, pure black. The colours are united by the windows extended over both volumes, thought. The result is a bold and visually fascinating structure which must make anyone want to see what goes on beyond the façade.

Natural integration

In the first area we visit in the home, we are greeted by sight to parallel to the grandeur of the house’s exterior.  The space are large and open, with little visual obstruction and minimalist design elements. We can see right through to a dining area – across and indoor pond! The half-landing staircase has an open landing in order to make the space feel clear and unhindered.

Here in the very first interior space, we are introduced to a very important theme of the entire project: the integration of natural elements. The wooden flooring and stair treads begin the trend, which is beautifully complemented by trees and plants, and even a lovely indoor pond! This must be a serene environment to come home to each day.

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Cool and calm living room

Moving into the living room, we see the natural theme continued. On the right of the room we find a designated space for indoor trees to flourish, beautify the room, and enhance the air quality of the residence. The wooden flooring is extended into the living room, and the space is bordered on the left by glass panels looking out onto a wooden deck and brilliantly green hedge.

The furniture in the living room is subtle and simple. The white sofas and accompanying loungers are neatly complemented by a coffee table in a similar style, as well as floor- and table lamps to round off the look.

Meditative kitchen

Next, we find ourselves in the kitchen. We’re sure that you’ll agree that this is no ordinary culinary space. The white surroundings set’s the scene for the furnishing and decoration to do the heavy lifting. The room opens up with large glass window panels and doors to a wooden deck with a swimming pool. This is an interesting placement of the kitchen area, and allows for easy outdoor entertaining.

The flooring is interesting: we see timber planks interrupted by a bed of round stones and topped with black slabs that form a pathway around the room. The cabinets and finishes are in white and stainless steel to create a modern edge playing off of the natural elements.

Made for the mood

When we move upstairs, we find a large entertainment area in the TV room. The space is divided by rectangular ceiling engravings. Once again ample space is made for indoor plants to grace and complement the room. This is also reflected in decorative elements, such as wall art and a vase with ornamental branches.

The furniture is identical to that which we have seen in the downstairs living room, and this repetition created continuity throughout the house. Lighting consists primarily of recessed ceiling lights, but is supplemented by a floor- and ceiling lamp to provide more ambient lighting when the mood calls for it.

Balanced retreat

The last interior space we visit in this impressive home today, is the master bedroom. It certainly makes a spectacular first impression. The wooden flooring is extended to timber wall- and ceiling panels alternating with the white walls. The back wall hosts a high window to allow ample natural light to enter the room and ensure a fresh and luminous feeling.

The bed is simple and there is minimal other furniture, as to ensure a clear and clean space for rest and relaxation. There is, however, the addition of a large TV for those laid-back and lazy days to spend in bed or for late-night movies.

The room is guarded by two large indoor plants symmetrically placed as to provide a balanced and calm entryway to this intimate room.

Family friendly

Making our way back outside of the building for one last look at its stunning design, we find the back porch of the home. It is a spacious wooden deck with luxurious and comfortable outdoor furniture and a convenient fire place for when the nights get chilly.  Beyond the porch extends a luscious green lawn for play and recreation – the ideal family space.

Here we can see once again how the colours of the façade contrasts to each other and creates depth and visual interest. There was definitely a lot of thought that went into the design of this home – inside and out!

What do you think about the meditative atmosphere created by the natural elements in this home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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