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How to decorate your house according to your star sign

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So you know that the characteristics of your star sign seems to match your personality to a tee, but that doesn't mean your home should look like it belongs to someone else. These awesome tips and tricks will guide you into creating a wholesome living room decor that fits your persona perfectly, and we cannot wait to see what inspirational zodiac features are may be incorporated into your home architecture.


The Sagittarius adores all things social, whether it be entertaining family and friends every weekend or just a few close loved ones, this layout is spacious and comfortable.


Scorpio often has an air of mystery around them, neutral shades in darker hues are therefore the essential accompaniment for their interior decor.


Open plan space Markham Stagers Modern living room Bricks White
Markham Stagers

Open plan space

Markham Stagers

Earth elements and solid colours are great for Capricorns, allowing them to feel safe and secure at home.


The daring and quirky Aquarius is accustomed to the rebel life, which is why a burst of contrasting colour and patterns will get them going.


Harmonious decor and natural lighting is just the fascinating decor that you need to keep the scales balanced.


Aries is known for their passion, which is why warmer tones of red and orange are a brilliant design feature.


HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Living room
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Taurus loved being surrounded by the cosiness and comfort of their homes, which is why this homely living room is so sober and stunning.


Geminis can have two very different personas, this means that both facets needs to be represented in the home decor.


This living room is luxurious and elegant, an amazing option for Cancer. The zodiac sign enjoys opulence, which is exactly what this design aspires and includes.


A water sign that is a lot more emotional than the rest, the layout and decor needs to be subtle and sleek.


Often proud and loud, the Leo enjoys bright and eye-catching flair. 


As a perfectionist, everything has a specific place and this modern minimalist decor ensures a clean and contemporary layout, an essential for maintaining order. Have a look at these Living room decoration: 11 cheap ideas and suggestions

Does the decor for your star sign match your taste?

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