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Most parents will agree that it is of the utmost importance to provide their child with a stimulating environment that allows them to thrive, learn and play. A child’s surroundings impact the way they see the world, how they grow and develop, and how they play and interact with others. This is why it’s so important to implement an element of enjoyment into their worlds. 

Would this, then, include their bedrooms? Definitely! 

Sleeping in a bed that resembles a pirate ship (or fairytale castle) can inspire their creativity, not to mention fill their days (and nights) with imagination and joy. The trick is to find that unique bed to match your little one’s fantasy world. 

Join us now as we discover 10 ultra creative bed designs to help make your child’s bedtime something to look forward to. 

1. A brave knight needs a great castle

The time has come for your little one to defend his kingdom (i.e. bedroom) against the evil armies (i.e. girls). The same way that so many little girls love to lose themselves in a princess world, many boys love to put on a knight’s costume and slay dragons. If done correctly, a castle theme boy’s room can be super cool, and inspire their imagination in many fun ways. 

We simply love how tiny blocks of wood have transformed the bed, closet and bookcase into mini watchtowers (and are matching everything up with the overall theme). The lush green carpet is turned into a dense forest for the hiding armies, while the birch trunk and forest-coated wallpaper adds some extra natural touches to boost those little imaginations. 

Instead of overtly bright colours, a neutral palette has been chosen, making the bedroom seem more spacious and open – and thus more welcome to some additional medieval toys and decor!

2. A castle for her majesty

Make the other princesses gaze longingly at your little one’s castle-inspired bed to request frequent sleepovers. 

A softer, more delicate design makes this castle ideal for the world of little princesses (not to mention the blush pink tones). Sufficient shelf space underneath the watchtower allows for toys and decor to be displayed proudly. And when it’s time for bed (or to hide from the evil dragon), a few simple steps will lead her majesty to the soft slumber space upstairs. 

Parents who’d rather have their little princess stay more grounded can incorporate the bed in the bottom section, and make the steps into display surfaces for toys and decor.

3. A swinging adventure

Make each day a new adventure for your little explorer with this loft bed. A frame of sanded wood secures a sturdy and comfortable sleeping spot, which is accessed by a ladder. Allow your child to greet each day by swinging down the rope, and hiding those newfound treasures in the bottom-section drawers. 

An adventurous blue has been incorporated into different tones, resembling the sky, the ocean, or a whole new world yet to be discovered. And when a friend drops in for a sleepover, simply lay down a mattress on the floor inside the bed frame for a double act adventure.

4. A lift-off to space

Discovery Children's Space Rocket Cabin Bed Cuckooland Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs

Discovery Children's Space Rocket Cabin Bed


Turn “sleep time” into “space time” with this ingenious creation for your little space explorer. A spacecraft-inspired section has been placed over the ladder, so it’s lift-off with every bedtime. 

Denim blue walls portray deep space, with some bright red elements added for fun and decor. Feel free to add some more stars and planets to the walls. Adequate space underneath the bed allows for some toys, neatly hidden by a decorative curtain. 

To infinity, and beyond!

See the other magical options that Cuckooland offers for the little ones’ theme-inspired bedrooms.

5. The interior tree house

KIDS TREEHOUSE BEDROOM BUNKBED in White Cuckooland Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs



No tree house? No problem. Add this fantastic bunk bed to your child’s room and let them enjoy playing tree house without the added worry of rain or nightfall. 

Uneven planks give this structure a more natural and hand-built look, yet still looks amazing. As it is available in pristine white, it allows you to add linen in any colour and pattern.

Two beds mean sleepovers are no trouble, or use the one bed space for toys and decor – it’s up to you (and your little one, of course).

6. Sail (or slide) the seven seas

Watch your little one walk (or slide) the plank every morning – could there be a more fun way for them so start their day? 

Our example has chosen a pirate world, yet this loft bed can fit perfectly into any theme. The tanned wood of the bed frame can blend in beautifully with any colour, so this loft bed is sure to be a hit with both boys and girls. 

Curtains neatly decorate (and close off) the bottom section, so you know it’s an ideal place to store those extra toys when it comes to cleaning time (or an additional hiding spot when it’s time for hide and seek).

7. Farmville

Old McDonald had a farm, and so can your little one. Turn their bed into a quaint little farmhouse, complete with gable roof and wide open windows. 

No ladder needed here, as it is low enough for comfortable access. Easily available drawers round off the bottom section, perfect for clothes, shoes, or toys. We love the pouches hanging from the bed railing, offering up the ideal hiding places for whatever your little ones can come up with. 

Parakeet green, beige and light orange offer up the perfect combination of cool and warm colours, making this bed fit in perfectly with the sandy coloured walls.

8. Some colourful storage

Just because your child has opted for a no-theme bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with their bed space. 

This image shows a clever way to incorporate fun and functionality into your child’s bedroom, especially when it’s a bit pressed for space. Drawers, storage areas, a bookcase and a closet all come together and neatly frame the bed, making everything comfortably close and within arm’s reach. 

Bright colours add an element of fun, and there’s even a curtain to give your child some privacy (or a hiding place) when they feel like it.

9. It’s a jungle…

The child bedroom in the rolling house Frédéric TABARY Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs Wood Multicolored
Frédéric TABARY

The child bedroom in the rolling house

Frédéric TABARY

… out there, but in here as well, thanks to this nature-inspired decor set. This is not only accomplished by the colours and patterns, but the materials too. 

Wooden planks on the walls add a realistic natural feeling to the room – yet you can’t get any closer to nature with a tree trunk sprouting from the floor! Natural colours like orange, green and blue break the neutral palette and insert some brightness. And a block of chalk paint in the wall provides a perfect place to map out the next adventure. 

And what is that round, wooden disc hanging from the ceiling? The sun? A portal to another dimension? Only your little one’s imagination will tell…

10. The magic of lighting

How about adding some funky lighting to transport your child’s bedroom to another level – or galaxy far, far away? 

Warm downlighters sparkle softly down on the beds, perfectly appropriate for bedtime reading. Yet the blue glow that happens in the rest of the room portrays an otherworldly dimension that is sure to inspire your child’s imagination and creativity. 

It’s quite easy to accomplish this magical effect: the gap between the ceiling and roof of the beds has been used for a secret lighting element. In order for the glow to fill the room the way it does, a small gap is needed between the furniture and walls.

And there you have a ghostly light (not necessarily in blue) that not only serves as an adequate night light, but can transform sleeping time into an adventure on its own. 

From interiors to the outdoors, see our: 7 Ideas For A Child-Friendly Garden.

And there you have some fantastic ways to turn bedtime into fun time. Which one do you think your child would love? 

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