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If you have a duplex house, a traditional house or large apartment, your rooms are probably separated by one or several floors. Having a staircase connecting these floors is inevitable.

Because of this connection from one floor to another, you can integrate this space into the décor and design of your house. Without too much effort you can introduce incredible and beautiful decorative features into your home just by changing the walls, shelves or the furniture in your staircase. So, we have brought together all of our experts to provide you with lots of tips!

The choice of materials for rails, the stairs themselves and the way that you use the staircase space will serve as inspiration.

1. Wall tiles

There seems to be a hard and fast rule about using tiles on a staircase and around stairs, which is different to using tiles in the rest of the house. This is because you don't spend as much time on the stairs as you do in other rooms such as the living room and the kitchen, so you can use much bolder tiles or even create murals when you use tiles in this area. 

A great example is shared with us, by HPonce Architects, where these experts have created a true work of art with tiles of different colors and designs in this spectacular home on the peninsula of Yucatán. 

You can also paint the tiles if you want to be a little extra creative.

2. Decorative elements on each step

Decorative elements can be integrated into a variety of different shapes and features on a staircase. One option is to can use ornamental railings, which makes the stairs seem bigger. This works very well for staircases with wider stairs, enhancing them, which gives them a dramatic look.

The shape of these ornamental railings, especially how they curve, gives the staircase a nostalgic air, especially when they are made of wrought iron.

Another option is to incorporate decorative elements in the immediate vicinity of the stairs. A classic example is a framed mirror or a small narrow table next to the staircase, which can create a very trendy effect.

Just like this gorgeous Monkimia design, you can also decorate every single step with these types of tattoos.

3. Furniture as we climb the stairs

If there is a generous amount of space available as we are walking up the stairs, it makes sense to add some furniture to the space, like in this semi-open space by Uptic Studios .

Here you have the option of creating a small room with comfortable furniture, which has views of the ground floor of the house and the fireplace, which will still warm up this cosy area.

Another idea is to install a small office loft—a private space that connects to other areas of the house via a staircase.

4. A very original bookcase

The space at the bottom of the staircase can also be transformed into a small library, changing the whole look and feel of the area, especially if it the underneath of the staircase is open, such as this one.

This option is perfect, not only saving space but completely transforming even the most boring of steps, making them the focal point of the room, as is managed here by Dolmen Serveis.

You can also use other furniture, enhancing the staircase without blocking up corridors and passageways.

5. Choose railings that enhance the beauty of the staircase and the room

The balustrades are a small factor, but support the entire staircase as people move up and down them, similar to balconies or porches. Balustrades are important for classic staircases and entrance halls. 

Often the style of the rail is crucial, defining the style of the stairs. Go for something graceful and functional or even install glass alongside the staircase, to achieve the minimalist factor.

In some cases the railing serves to divide spaces, in others it is purely aesthetic, but in this case, its function is security. 

The decorating of a staircase can start at this point where the most popular materials for railings are wrought iron, aluminum, glass, wood and stainless steel. To achieve a harmonious design, steps can be painted one colour and the walls another colour. Keep the tones natural, sticking to the natural wood look if possible. Otherwise you can also create contrast between these spaces.

You can also use a second-hand rail or balustrade, as long as you check on its quality. These structures have a lot of weight to bear so you want to make sure that it holds!

6. Glass in all its glory

 As mentioned previously, if you choose glass railing, it works beautifully, giving the illusion of suspended stairs as well as complete security for you and your family as you walk up and down it.

Glass also gives the impression of an open and bigger space, especially when you cover the whole staircase with a glass railing. This also separates the different environments in the house visually, without affecting the rest of the space. 

The only drawback is that the underneath of the stairs can't be used for storage space or be decorated, as it can't be accessed.

7. Decorating the staircase gallery

The walls of the staircase are the ideal place to create a small gallery space.

Whether your artworks are your own paintings, the first pictures of your children or postcards of landscapes framed as souvenirs, you can do whatever you like with this space. 

For this to be a professional-looking aesthetic design, you should measure the wall, which acts as a canvas next to the staircase. First use a large table or the floor to place the images you want to hang up on the wall and play around with various combinations to achieve a look that you like. This means you won't have to drill blindly and end up with mistakes or unpleasant surprises.

Feeling inspired? You too can: Hang Your Favourite Pictures And Photos Like A Gallery.

Are you considering making your stairs more of a feature in your home? We'd love to hear your plans in the comments!

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