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A Regal House That's King of the Hill

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DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG Living room
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Created by the genius Davinci Haus, this magnificent home is an architectural masterpiece, designed for a larger family or homeowners who enjoy socialising. Perched on the edge of a hillside, panoramic views work together with strategic architecture to create a home that is picture perfect.

In fact if the all American dream had to materialise into a home, this would be it, reminiscent of holidays at the lake, summer barbecues, hot afternoons spent swimming and a fourth of July parade.

This home is in fact located in Germany, despite it's first impression. Which goes to show that this type of architecture works in any setting! It would also be perfect for the hilly South African landscape. Imagine sitting pretty in this home while overlooking some of South Africa's most beautiful valleys.

If grand and gorgeous is your style, then you'll love this tour of House Lehnert. 


The size of this grand house on the hill is enough to excite any homeowner or wannabe designer. There is so much space to work with, so many different levels and so much beauty!

The architects have gone for quite a classic, traditional-looking house—a triangle roof and a rectangular shaped house, but have featured beautiful, big glass windows and doors on every level. There is also a large skylight in the roof. Not only does this allow an abundance of light to fill up the house at every opportunity in the day, but it also creates a beautiful, transparent barrier between the interior and the exterior of the house. Privacy is obtained but the splendor of the interior is still on display. Inhabitants also have an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding views of the river and the mountains at every opportunity.

The architects have also not been put off by the steep slope of the property, allowing the architecture to work with the mountainous terrain. The result is a home of grand proportions.

Easy living

This angle shows the beautiful river and mountain views that we are talking about, which looks a little bit like Hartebeespoort in the North West or the Vaal River in Gauteng. Now we have the perfect house for the setting!

The lower deck at Lehnert features a large, deep pond which the designers have sunk into the deck. This means that while morning coffee is sipped or books are read on the patio chairs, there are ducks, fish, frogs and other pond creatures right by your toes. This is really being in the outdoors! The beauty of this is that it creates a very peaceful and natural space, where plants and vegetation merge with the modern elements of this beautiful home.

Ponds are always a fantastic feature for any garden, drawing in natural wildlife. Have a look through this fantastic range of ponds and swimming pools and chat to an expert about helping you to install your own.

Panoramic views

The architects have made outdoor living a priority throughout their design, creating wide open spaces where the views can be enjoyed. This is also a home where relaxing is important. 

The balcony here on the upper level features gorgeous patio furniture, which is simple and works well with the space that it is in. Hot tip: When you have furniture outside, it's good to have cushions that can be removed so that if it is raining or hailing, you can move these inside. This will prevent them from getting damaged.

This balcony opens up from a TV room, but these two rooms merge into one, separated only by a piece of glass. This keeps these spaces open, where the interior and the exterior are fluid, working together at all times. 

Low down

The lower level of this house also features a wrap-around balcony. There is an inside dining area as well as an outside dining area, allowing for beautiful views while dining, no matter what the weather is doing.

The use of glass is also clear here, making up the balcony perimetre as well as the barrier between the interior and the exterior. In essence, the structure of this house is very simple and minimalist, complemented by its size and the views around it. 

Little pot plants have been dotted along the balcony, adding a natural, earthy look and feel to the home, allowing it to blend into the beautiful, natural surrounds. 

Dining in

The inside dining area features a very plain, wooden dining room table and an array of chocolate brown chairs as well as pink chairs, which mixes up the look and feel of the room. This is a great way to add trend to the room!

This area is right next to the kitchen space, which is fantastic for casual breakfasts, lunches and suppers together. There is no need for the chef not to take part in the conversation with everyone else just because he or she is cooking!

This is also a space where card games or board games can be played in the afternoons and evenings—relaxed and unpretentious. You're meant to feel homely and cosy in this space. 

The designers have gone for a funky lampshade above the table, however, adding a bit of bling to the area.

Simple style

The use of white and glass continues throughout the interior of the home, where each room is privy to the fantastic views outside.

Notice that the designers have gone for quality over quantity when it comes to furniture, opting for beautiful leather chairs and antique-looking cabinets. Rich-coloured and well-looked after wooden floors sweep throughout this open plan home. 

This is a space where you want to cuddle up in front of the fire with your book or watch a good movie—relaxation and comfort at its best.

Lehnert is stylish, functional and understated, making for a home that suits all sorts of tastes and preferences. But let's be honest, what's not to like?

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Where could you imagine this house in South Africa? Is it too grand for your taste? Let us know your thoughts?

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