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Second chances are always appreciated, especially when a stunning transformation happens for the better. We are, of course, referring to renovations of old architectural beauties that get a second opportunity to shine, albeit in another form or shape. 

Renovations happen for lots of reasons – sometimes because the residents need to be practical and update structures in order to be safe. What is fascinating is when parts of the original structure are preserved, continuing to play a part in the house’s new phase. 

homify 360° hones in on such an example in today’s case study. We transport you to the picturesque town of Tavira on the south coast of Portugal for the renovation of a quaint Mediterranean villa by the professional team Atelier Rua – what they had to work with, and what they ended up accomplishing, is truly remarkable and eye-catching.

New life into an old project

We are greeted by the new façade as it stands after the renovation – straightforward, yet stylish. The architects opted to use traditional materials wherever they deemed possible, and combined that with some new solutions and techniques to boost the villa into the 21st century. 

The white, straight walls are a typical vision of the Mediterranean style, and are also an echo of the villa’s former golden days. Add in a fresh coat of paint, a refurbished wooden door, as well as new brick tiles for the roof, and we have one charming abode just waiting to be explored.

Before the makeover

Before we continue, we just can’t resist a sneak peek at the villa’s old look. And what a charming background story to transport us…

The original 1920 house was a wedding present for the only daughter of the landowner. The farm continued to function for half a century, but was then abandoned in 1970. More than forty years later, the architects have breathed new life into this house, bringing back some of its otherworldly charm.

Blank space

Fast-forward to present day, where the combination of old walls and new structures merge to form a crisp, maze-like design. Sunlight, however, manages to slip over the walls erected for privacy, treating us to a pleasant vision of light and shadow dancing on the blank canvases. 

Here we can also stop and enjoy a lovely collection of cooling shade, which is most welcome in sunlit Portugal. 

The fact that barely any decor has been placed here makes it seem like a minimalist project. Yet we have only begun to discover this rustic beauty, so let’s continue.

A sunny spot

Take a stroll to the back of the villa, and we’ll discover a terrace stretching the entire length of the house. A brick floor reminds us we’re going casually Mediterranean today, and so it’s perfectly fine to walk around barefoot. 

So why not indulge in a glass of red wine and come catch the sunlight here near the fruit trees? For here is the perfect place to unwind, reflect, and enjoy a soft conversation with nature. Surely the future will bring more shade to the terrace in the form of vines, leaves and branches from the trees. But until then, we can look for the odd olive, orange or fig growing from the surrounding trees. 

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A new way of living

Time to retreat indoors for some coolness and cosiness. Since residents prefer the spacious court, the interior offers a small living room for the occasional guest seeking an inside seat. 

The neutral whiteness of the façade continues on the inside, yet thanks to the interior shadows, here it takes on a stronger relation to cinder block than pure daisy white. Beige and browns have been added to warm up the palette slightly, as is evidenced by the rug, select décor pieces, and brown leather chair. 

One change worth noticing is the transformation of the fireplace into a small window, providing a quaint little reading nook.

Adorning a space

Enter the dining room, where we immediately notice a retro touch of green brightness amidst the rustic environment. The rest of the room, however, remains charmingly rural.

The old, heavy dining table looks like it was lovingly passed on from generation to generation. The varied chairs add a unique element to the room. And the field flowers in the glass jars are simply a charming vision to behold in this room. 

The designers were presented with a blank canvas; a white room. And they clearly had fun adding a slight, almost minimalistic touch of beauty to it.

Bed and bath

Each bedroom comes with its own bathroom. Viewed here is an open-plan space, with nothing more than a corner separating the zones between bathing and dozing (we immediately notice the mirror and sink, signifying the start of the bathroom). 

This bedroom is located in one of the newly built structures, evident by the flat concrete ceiling. This, together with the grey wall, pleasantly breaks the white mould of the interior.  

Notice the quaint little niche corner behind the bed, tenderly adorned by some vintage books and a modern study lamp. 

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The cool corner

How about a quick dip to cool off before we depart? Head to the one corner of the yard, where the perfectly sheltered swimming pool awaits. Don’t those aquatic blue waters just look too alluring?

For a touch of minimalism, the loungers were cancelled and two mattresses were added instead, providing a prime spot to soak up that Portuguese sun.  

What a great example of what a carefully planned renovation can mean, both to the newly added structures, as well as the remnants of the former layout.

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