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Merry Christmas homify reader and we wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead! So you've left your holiday planning for the last minute and just want to make sure that you have all your bases covered ahead of your great family get together. 

So the homify team has put together a list of last minute details to keep your head in check this Christmas. A traditional holiday may bring back the best childhood memories of your past and enjoying the company of family and friends is the best way to ring in the Yuletide cheer, with eggnog and carols that we all know the words to.


The first thing to check is whether you have your very own traditional Christmas tree complete with all the trimmings, tinsel and hanging ornaments and of course that perfect star on the top. So you may have to clean up pine needles in a few days, but at least no one can say you aren't into the spirit of Christmas. 

So now that you and your family have opened all your gifts on Christmas morning, there is now a lot more space in the room for your guests that you can expect any minute. Now, don't forget to check on your cooking while you continue reading this ideabook! There is nothing better than smelling that Christmas spirit throughout the day!


The Christmas spirit has just been taken a step further with these adorable pine cone shaped candles, adding a more cheery and brightly illuminated traditional holiday filled with smiles, family laughter and great scents that add a little more than just light to the holiday. 

So if you still think your home is missing something traditional yet cool, how about adding these adorable candles as a decoration and light to create a Christmas miracle atmosphere and ambience. The festive season is about being happy and loved, while being elegant and classic in every possible way. So these adorable candles by Bougies La Française really create a wonderful Christmas experience. 


DIY Weihnachtsbaumset 123 Voilà Living roomAccessories & decoration
123 Voilà

DIY Weihnachtsbaumset

123 Voilà

The Christmas celebration and holiday season will not be complete without the inclusion of some fun yet creative natural elements that are synonymous with the holiday spirit! Adding adorable and colourful pine cones as decoration is cheap and easy and is a true DIY classic that everyone will love!

So go on and get some holiday fun that makes nature a part of the Christmas experience. And of course pine cones can be added to the table setting as a centrepiece, creating a Christmas atmosphere throughout the home and social spaces.

Table setting

Expecting the masses this Christmas dinner, make sure you have enough space for everyone to enjoy a good holiday meal that is delicious and well-presented in every way. This simple and elegant table setting will make a traditional Christmas experience that much more special, while not being overpowering.

So while the dining room table in the image is understated and classic, it is also tasteful and will make any family Christmas meal a wholesome one. The simple white and silver decor is the perfect way to celebrate this Christmas in your dining room with those that mean the world to you. The candles placed in the middle of the table will add to the glamourous yet relaxed atmosphere that may just be exactly what you are looking for!

Wall busts

Commercial Christmas Styling Bhavin Taylor Design Office buildings
Bhavin Taylor Design

Commercial Christmas Styling

Bhavin Taylor Design

So Rudolph the reindeer is making a home appearance this year with this charming wall bust, so we decided to take a modern approach to the freaky version of a real reindeer bust, with this cute fake Rudolph so perfectly framed in Christmas cheer with the greenery of the traditional wreath. 

A wall bust makes a wonderful and cheery yet classic festive season decoration that makes the home comfortable, and allows the family and friends to appreciate the things that are the most important. Family, friends love and gratitude for everything that makes us happy. So ring those bells already!

Handmade decorations

Gold and White Christmas Decoration - Dove Stockwell Ceramics HouseholdAccessories & decoration
Stockwell Ceramics

Gold and White Christmas Decoration—Dove

Stockwell Ceramics

No Christmas tree and festive home will be perfect without the inclusion of handmade decorations, so while the turtle dove is a symbol of peace and harmony, think of where you would like to hang yours this Christmas? From the tree or mantle? At your doorway or how about all along your staircase? 

Handmade decorations are the best way to get your kids to stop their fighting over the TV this school holiday, so go on and look out for some recyclable items that you can use to make your decorations as vibrant and holiday fabulous as possible! How's that for a traditional Christmas?

If you need some more ideas to keep your family busy while you cook that scrumptious meal, have a look at: 6 Fun Christmas DIY Projects.

How will you be celebrating this holiday season?

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