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So you are fortunate to have an abundance of space on your property and you are considering building a bungalow as a type of garden house, where you can enjoy the company of family and friends at your home away from home. Well, sort of…

This homify feature will take you to a pleasant farm style, oak garden house with all the modern elements, unlike that bungalow your grandma lives in. This rustic getaway will allow the inhabitants to catch up on work or use the space as a team building area for work and colleagues. The adorable oak garden cottage was designed by the Rasenberg, located in the Netherlands.

Oak dream

This captivating little oak house in the garden has all the relaxing elements of tranquillity and comfort, and is the perfect addition to your home if you feel that it lacks something simple… a space to call your own. You may decide to use this garden cottage as a home office, that way you can catch up with work, while enjoying the comfort that comes with being at home. 

A garden cottage such as this allows the occupant to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of being in the garden, while kicking back and relaxing to enjoy a good book or a cup of tea. Make a visit to your cottage a daily ritual for optimal rejuvenation!


So while this adorable little getaway space has all the makings of a delightful space to relax, the undercover aspect of the terrace allows the occupant to enjoy the outdoors as well, making it the perfect spot to take in the garden regardless of the season and the weather. So even if the rain is pouring down, you can still enjoy the simplicity that is getting in touch with nature. 

The rustic furniture is reminiscent of an old family cottage life with the outdoors and indoors enveloped in the natural surroundings, making this garden cottage a structural beauty. The use of oak as a key feature will ensure that the space remains structurally sound for many years, but regular maintenance is of course necessary.

Interior charm

The interior aspects of the charming oak cottage is just as captivating as the outside, with the open plan space allowing the indoors and outdoors to commune with nature, making it a true timeless classic. The decor aspects are uncluttered and minimalist with enough space for a good intimate social family affair. 

While the addition of large windows and glass doors creates the perfect manner for which natural ventilation can become and enjoyable experience that it synonymous with the garden cottage. The space stays bright and well illuminated throughout the day too, making it harmonious and comfortable as well as relaxing. And with the use of arches and the exposed wood of the interior it has complete country charm.

Thatched roof appreciation

A thatched roof house in not seen that often, but it adds a beautiful and fun texture to the roof of this garden cottage, making it even more adorable. Thatched roofs are synonymous with Dutch style architecture around the world and can be spotted as a design element. The addition of this timeless and classic roof feature creates an enchanting effect to the cottage, making it look as if it were built many years ago. 

The exposed wooden beams and interior of the thatched roof ceiling can make the occupant gaze up into the sky for hours and just enjoy the simplicity of the natural elements and how it all works well to make the cottage a beautiful addition to the property.


This might not be a fully fledged kitchen, but it will certainly serve as a means to enjoy the cottage with a cup of tea and sandwich. The kitchenette is perfectly designed and decorated to fit the needs of the garden cottage with all natural elements used inside as well, this includes perfect cupboard doors and marble counter tops in a grey tone which matches the rest of the interior. 

And with built in storage, this kitchenette might be the perfect place to hide your stash of sweets and goodies away from the kids, so you can enjoy your private garden cottage with all the luxuries that you've always wanted to enjoy in peace!

Simple and rustic

This final view of the garden cottage allows us to have a last glimpse at the intricacies and attention to detail which the designers and builders have taken into consideration. The many windows situated at every part of the home and large glass doors allows for natural sunlight and ventilation to make this garden cottage a comfortable space, you'll forget you've been there the whole day! 

And with the lush greenery surrounding the cottage, you will expect to be transported into another world after spending just a few hours relaxing in your very own private home away from home.

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What did you think about this garden cottage? Would you consider building one in your garden? Let us know!

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