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An Exotic Home with Flower Power

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Mareines+Patalano Arquitetura Tropical style houses
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Today we head out to South America. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to be exact where we are about to visit a magnificent island paradise in Angra dos Reis, where a home shaped like a flower awaits us. This home of beautiful architecture and design is a connection with nature, taking the splendid environment into consideration before the home was designed by the awesome team at Mareine+Patalano Architecture in Brazil. 

The region boasts a collection of 365 islands, stunning coasts and endless waterfalls, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches as well as take up a fun water sport such as jet-skiing, rafting or even surfing! So get into your swimsuit and soak up the beauty that is this natural marvel.

Breathtaking palms

This breathtaking house can leave even the most talkative speechless with its seemingly endless structural magnificence and incorporation of palm trees and the environment into its architectural design. The home has high ceilings and great open spaces and makes use of these old-fashioned architectural tips to ensure that wind is redirected from the structure and natural ventilation is constant. 

The breezy space is allows for enjoyment of the landscape as well as the sea sights and sounds, while the structural beauty is created through the use of laminated eucalyptus in the roof design, allowing for greater resistance to the elements, while the interior of the ceiling is made of pine. Steel columns located on the roof collects rainwater, which is in turn reused in the toilets. How's that for eco-friendly?

Petal view

We just had to add this gorgeous top view of the island paradise home to show you just how this exotic flower home design looks from above, truly eye-catching and incredible to the guests or even just visitors to the area, the home has a magnetic effect on the surroundings. 

The petal paradise home creates a silhouette of an open flower and each petal serves as a mixture of indoor and outdoor rooms, creating a holistic space at different levels. While the social areas such as the living room are mostly utilised by the guests and homeowner, this doesn't make the home any less fantastic!

The finishes of the petal house include using natural elements such as grey stone in the flooring, local wood and even bamboo for the envisioned structure. It does come together quite well, right?

Shining interior

This first look into the interior of the petal house shows off everything the home has to offer, from huge open plan living spaces, to the use of neutral tones and natural elements to create this architectural masterpiece. The large dining room table is proof that this home can be the best spot to host a family reunion, while the comfortable sofas signify a relaxed living room. 

The use of natural elements from the outdoors within the home makes this petal wonder seem like it was naturally grown with the environment, as palm trees and local greenery becomes a beautiful aspect of the home too. The atmosphere and ambience within this beautiful home is nothing less than warm and inviting.

Calming kitchen

Here we catch a glimpse of the kitchen, from this perspective we can see that although this home has a natural and rustic element about it, modern features are not forgotten, especially in a kitchen. Who wouldn't want a kitchen to be the best of both worlds?

While the home makes use of the same natural elements of wood and stone throughout, it creates a sort of synergism in the living experience. Showing that it is important to follow through with design elements and decor throughout. The home is clearly complemented by nature, both in the exterior and interior of the divine living space.

Dreamy bedroom

This bedroom is surely something out of a honeymoon catalogue, with beautiful design elements such as natural wood used throughout the structure of the room, from the flooring to the walls and even the ceiling, this dreamy bedroom will certainly get anyone into the island mood!

And how about that soft yet warm lighting that is further emphasises by the wooden colour of the room, with a similar tone used in the structure and style of the comfortable and relaxing bed. Neutral tones used in the bed linen allows the decorative elements of the wood in the room to be the focal point. This bedroom is nothing less than the perfect blend of rustic and modern aspects to create a romantic yet luxury experience at its best!

Private jetty

We end our fascinating tour of this tropical island paradise home with an aerial view of the petal home again, but this time we can clearly see a private jetty in the crystal clear blue waters and a boat awaiting to take us on an exploratory adventure of the surrounding coastline. 

The home also boasts a petal shaped swimming pool that allows us to enjoy the sights of the ocean, while taking a splash a little closer to home. Although the beach is only a few metres away, either aspect of this magnificent home can be enjoyed at leisure. This home is nothing less than enchanting and leaves anyone speechless with its sheer grandeur.

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A stunning home, we're sure you'll agree! But what did you like most about this Brazilian house?

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