A House That Defines Rustic Country Charm

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This stunning architectural wonder is the perfect example of how new life can be brought into an old house with so much potential to be amazing. The residence is located in the northern region of Portugal, near to the border with Spain, and has a beauty of character and original taste and class that cannot be found in modern homes! 

This renovation and restoration was excellently executed by the master team at Clínica de Arquitectura, where the experts analysed the historic appeal of the structure and maintained much of its originality and personality, but with an updated look and feel, making this home a rustic and charming country villa with a blast from the past persona!

Friendly entrance stairway

This country home has all the trimmings, fabulous exterior, stunning setting and regal entrance with stairs fit for a royal vacation home. The home is perfectly suited for its surroundings with elegance and taste being the order of the day. The residence has seen the ages and its laugh lines were beginning to show, which is why the family opted to treat it as if it were a family member that needed an restoring intervention. 

The colour palette of this home is neutral and classic, with simplicity being almost opulent in the intricacy of the details seen in the grand stairway, roof and windows. The natural use of materials and elements has allowed this home to maintain its longstanding character and personality, without losing the many years of family memories that comes along with it.

Beautiful first impression

This entrance to the home shows off just how brightly illuminated the interior is, displaying that natural sunlight is the main deciding factor in making this living space comfortable and elegant, with natural beauty creating an illuminating effect. 

The entry way to this home is clearly complementing the interior of the living space, creating a new comfort to the entire space. While there have been changes made to the inside of the home to upgrade the home, the renovations were largely limited to the living room, kitchen as well as the addition of a new bathroom. The originality of the home structure has mostly been preserved, but exterior modifications were made to the roof and terrace as well. For more entrance hall inspiration, have a look at these designs from homify!

Country kitchen

The country style kitchen has so much to offer with its large working space and colourful floor tiles reminiscent of a bygone era. The kitchen and dining room space occupies an old room in the house, these areas have been extended and linked creating a sort of open plan effect to the interior living spaces of the home. 

The kitchen has been adapted to include contemporary features, but has kept the traditional windows that allows for an abundance of natural sunlight, making this kitchen enjoyable regardless of the time of day. The neutral tone used in the wall colour was a fitting decision as it contrasts so well with the rusticity of the floor tiles. Added to the splendour of the kitchen is the marble kitchen counters that was salvaged from another part of the house.

Charming living room

The living room and dining room space is almost as if it is set in an old movie, with rustic furniture and wooden flooring making the room come together so well. The large wooden window frames situated around the room almost makes the space feel like you've stepped into a time machine. 

The traditional factors of this home is clearly evident through the furniture features, but that doesn't make this classic home any less amazing, in fact it shows that the owners and designers value quality and style with impeccable taste. Even though this room has been somewhat renovated, it still has strong features of the past as a key factor for the design aspect of the present version of this residence.

Antique bedroom

An antique bedroom may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean that the true quality of the detail in the furniture cannot be appreciated by all. This bedroom is evident that the rustic things such as a high quality wooden bed set still has place in the modern age. 

So while this vintage bed has been elegantly placed in the middle of this comfortable room, it's the appreciation of the finer things in life such as family and making memories that this home shows off most of all. The rustic atmosphere of this bedroom is further emphasised through the low hanging light from the ceiling and wooden pedestal at the bedside as well as the large wooden framed window allowing natural sunlight to make this room relaxing and cosy!

Valley views

This distant view of the house allows us to appreciate the landscape and lush greenery that comes with country living, with ample grounds surrounding this rustic villa it's no secret why the owners intended on renovating the home instead of selling the land. 

The fantastic views of the hills and the village close by is absolutely breathtaking, who wouldn't want to preserve a home with a historical element and keep it close to the family. And with so many of the past elements of this home preserved and reused in other parts within the home, the simple life may just be calling! 

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