modern Pool by Arcadia Arquitectura

24 simple and small backyard pool ideas (perfect for South Africa!)

Leigh Leigh
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It can be overwhelming to think about designing or maintaining a backyard pool. They can be expensive and involve all sorts of effort and care. Yet,t they are so worth it! In summer, it's a place to cool down and relax while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It also moves the family outdoors, which means less mess indoors!

This is why today at homify, we've put together 24 simple and small backyard pool ideas that are perfect for South African homes. You won't believe how stylish simple design can look!

These will teach you little tips and tricks and show you how a simple solution can end up in the most functional and beautiful design!

1. In the corner of the yard, in front of the terrace

House Cape Town - Babett Frehrking Architect: classic Houses by Babett Frehrking Architect
Babett Frehrking Architect

House Cape Town—Babett Frehrking Architect

Babett Frehrking Architect

2. With curved lines so that it fits in snugly

3. Simple and square is all you need

tropical Pool by BR  ARQUITECTOS

SPA Matlali


4. A round plunge pool with rocks can look gorgeous

5. A triangle swimming pool takes up little space

modern Pool by Mosa Y Quito
Mosa Y Quito

Mandala para fondo de piscina

Mosa Y Quito

6. In the corner of the yard for a delightful design

7. A small pool surrounded by plants for a tropical look and feel

House Oranjezicht: scandinavian Pool by ATTIK Design
ATTIK Design

House Oranjezicht

ATTIK Design

8. A little plunge pool on the roof is all you need for a hot summer day!

9. Build a pool around your outdoor area for a unique design!

10. Modern and contemporary

Courtyard Pool & Relax: country Pool by Tim Ziehl Architects
Tim Ziehl Architects

Courtyard Pool & Relax

Tim Ziehl Architects

11. An L-shape to make the most of space

12. An infinity pool is very in vogue

Roca Llisa: modern Pool by ARRCC

Roca Llisa


13. In between the terrace

14. Light it up to make it feel spacious and glamorous!

House Pautz: modern Pool by Blunt Architects
Blunt Architects

House Pautz

Blunt Architects

15. Pair a pool with a sun lounger for a relaxing outdoor haven

16. Mix metal and stones for a very chic and stylish design

modern Pool by London Swimming Pool Company
London Swimming Pool Company

Berndorf Bäderbau Stainless Steel Private Pool (Bavaria, Germany)

London Swimming Pool Company

17. A pool with a view

18. Don't be afraid to get a little creative

19. If it has to be small, make sure that it is deep

 Garden  by design@garten - Alfred Hart
design@garten—Alfred Hart

@wat—Minipool, Sauna-Tauchbecken für den Garten

design@garten - Alfred Hart

20. A round pool is a space-saver!

22. A dark wooden deck works in harmony with a swimming pool

23. With a little fountain for an elegant look and feel

modern Pool by Arcadia Arquitectura
Arcadia Arquitectura

Amenites (Terraza—Pileta)

Arcadia Arquitectura

24. Long and narrow so it fits snugly into the terrace

modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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