Woodworking: 6 DIY clothes storage ideas for those without a closet

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If you've got plenty of clothes but no closet, these creative DIY ideas may be perfect for you. 

So, you've recently moved into a new place and you're renting. You cannot necessarily add a built-in closet but you are also tired of living out of a suitcase and cardboard boxes so it's time to make a decision about how you can store your clothing without losing your cool and still be able to find everything. 

There are alternatives to closets! In fact, these other means of storage will make your bedroom seem cool and uncluttered, while adding some style that's reflective of your personality and making your living space unique and totally fabulous.

Let's unpack the tips!

Clothes rail

A clothes rail can be a cool and dynamic minimalist addition to your home, made from a variety of materials, a clothing rail can add that dash of character to the room that you realise has been lacking since you moved in. It's a cute alternative and allows your room to be a great place to store your just ironed clothes without worrying that they will get creased. 

This clothing rail idea is adaptable depending on how much space you require and the size your room can accommodate, so go on and measure up to make all your clothing fit in perfect harmony. And with this shelf at the bottom, there's enough space for your shoes too! Two birds with one stone! How's that for perfectly planned?

This Kaori Clothes Rail was designed by Raskl. Design Studio & Workshop—make sure you visit their professional profile for more ideas!

Chest of drawers

The chest of drawers is an old fashioned way of storing clothing and takes us back to a vintage era of charm, elegance and style. This beautiful storage solution creates the perfect hiding spot for those intimate items that cannot be displayed on a clothes rail and can also be the storage space for items that are not worn regularly such as seasonal clothes. 

Some special clothing items cannot be hung up on a rail, so to avoid them stretching or becoming tattered, a chest of drawers might just be the perfect storage space for them. Not to mention how amazing it looks to have some photographs or ornaments placed on the chest of drawers, or how about a bouquet of flowers to keep your home looking and smelling fresh!


The office/study K-Tribe Studió Study/office
K-Tribe Studió

The office/study

K-Tribe Studió

Storage boxes are a perfect way to manage your OCD, by labeling the items in relation to season or colour you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for, when you are looking for it! This means that those extra jerseys, coats and scarves can be safely stored out of your bedroom until you need them again! 

The sizes and colour variations of storage boxes are really endless, so you can choose the best to suit your needs or decor at any time and get started with making your home a bit more organised. Also, storage boxes are relatively inexpensive so they make perfect sense as a storage solution for your home. And once summer is over, you can store your summer stuff away to make space for your warm winter items!


J Scandinavian style bedroom

Storing clothing on shelves may not have been your first idea, but if space in your room is limited for cupboard doors, then shelves may just be the alternative for you. Think about how much easier it will be to spot something as soon as you walk into the room, making everything easily accessible at your fingertips!

Shelves certainly adds a minimalist charm to a room, allowing for a large his and hers section too, so if there are existing bookshelves in your bedroom, why not use them as a space to store clothing? You will save a lot in adding other storage, plus your room will definitely look a lot more open and unique! How about this as a hipster solution? For more bedroom ideas, have a look at these inspirations!

Under the bed

Another place to consider using as a storage area is the space often available under the bed, this makes the perfect spot to hide things that you don't use that often such as winter boots, formal shoes and of course extra bed linen, blankets and curtains. Storing these items in your bedroom is often a waste of space, as there are items of clothing that can be safely stored here instead. 

So why not make use of that unused area under your bed for all those high heels that you don't wear that often, or even those warm winter blankets that you only make use of three months out of the year. Get some adorable boxes to store the goods in, and you will have a decorative storage solution too!

Hanging from the ceiling

Prettypegs - Shoe your furniture! Prettypegs BedroomAccessories & decoration

Prettypegs—Shoe your furniture!


So you've decided on creating your own unique yet minimalist storage space in your bedroom? How about hanging a rail from the ceiling to ensure that your long dresses don't sweep the floor? This will create a modern, yet simple and contemporary storage solution that is ultra-minimalist yet functional and practical. 

If you really don't want to spend money on a storage solution for your home, then adding a rail from the ceiling might just be the perfect place to store your clothes in your living space. It looks really cool too and if you really want to be different than add a unique light fixture along the sides for illumination on those dreary days when you really have no idea what to wear!

If you liked these wardrobe alternative ideas, then check out this Ideabook for more inspiration: 6 Ways To Create Small Closets.

What did you think of these alternatives to a wardrobe? Do you have any other storage solutions? Let us know in the comments!

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