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Today on homify 360° we do something a little different, and take a look at a commercial project instead of a residential one. The MiCasa Vol B furniture and home décor store in São Paulo, Brazil is an exciting modern building brought to life by the innovative Studio MK27, based in the same city.   

This award-winning project, concluded in 2007, houses much more than the top-of-the-range home products presented by MiCasa, but also hosts several cultural events, such as art exhibitions, fashion shows, talks and book launches. The state-of-the-art building is clearly a hub of innovation and creativity and not just a store. 

The Studio MK27 architect responsible for the project, Marcio Kogan, says that they used building materials in its extreme form without concern for finishing or precision, in order to produce an ever-evolving structure fit for the fast-pace trends of furnishing and decoration. 

Full-bodied modernity

In the cloak of night we can see the brilliance of this industrial-inspired building lit up and taking centre stage. The robust, cubic structure is made from unfinished and roughly layered concrete to give it a distinctive industrial look. This is characteristic of modern architecture and design, and its edginess places the building well within the realm of contemporary trendiness. 

This unrefined façade allows for much more than a mere adherence to design trends, though, as it will also ensure a stylish shell to be adapted throughout decades to suit the needs of whomever occupies it. 

The ground lights along the perimeter of the structure illuminates the impressive structure for all to see, but also creates a stunning interplay of shadow and light on the jagged concrete walls. 

Innovative exhibitions

Moving down to ground level, we find a porch nestled in an alcove in the building's façade, which leads out from large glass sliding doors from the interior. This is the perfect exhibition space for furniture of any sort, and as we can see here, MiCasa definitely takes full advantage of this opportunity. 

Beyond the porch there is a small, enclosed outdoor area willed with pebbles and the perfect space to display outdoor and leisure furniture. This space is also graced by a tree, lit up like the building, to add a natural character to the area. 

On the left we see a very industrial wall or space divider, which we will surely take a closer look at…

On the grid

On the other side of this division, we find ourselves in an office space. This metal grid is thus a very functional covering which sections off the exhibition area from the office space to create privacy. The metal used in this layered grid has a rusty quality, which not only contributes to an authentic industrial look, but also provides pleasing aesthetic contrasts to the project. 

Hidden behind this grid, the office can be conveniently occupied whilst staff can still keep an eye on what's going on in the show room. Function and decoration is thus combined in the use of this perforated covering. 

Play with light

When we take a closer look at this situation, we can see that the rusted metal grid covering is situated in front of the large office window. This has the implication of sunbeams and streams of light from outdoor lighting fixtures flowing through the grid and being refracted thought the multiple layers of the metal grid. This in its own creates interesting patterns and shadows, in addition to providing a softer inflow of light to the office. 

When this refracted light hits the window, however, it is once again diverted in interesting ways, ensuring endless visual interest created by this simple metal grid and some glass. 

Blank canvas

Let's take a look at the inside of the showroom—finally! There had been so much to see outside that there are high expectations of the interior. What we find is a very large, completely unobstructed space for exhibiting the different product ranges of the company. 

The walls and floor of the interior are constituted of concrete, just like the exterior, except that the inside is polished a bit more to provide a softer touch. Other than this, the pace is completely unadorned, no permanent decoration of ornamentation in sight, as to provide the ideal clean slate on which to exhibit each new range of products. 

Around the edges of the ceiling, we can see a continuous line of perimeter lighting, which provides an almost other-worldly glow to the area. To ensure complete illumination in the showroom, this perimeter lighting is supplemented by sufficient roof lighting fixtures. 

Minimalist ethic

What is certain about this building design style, besides it being entirely modern in nature, is that it adheres to a pure minimalist ethic. This has already been found evident in the clear and clean show room and lack of adornment in the interior or on the exterior. This warrants a pristine style that remains classic throughout all design periods. 

Here we can see how the space is populated with the current range of furniture and home-ware displayed in-store. The possibilities are endless, and the environment would suit any style. 

If you feel inspired by this stylish aesthetic, you can: Get The Industrial Look At Home.

Have you ever seen a cooler commercial space?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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