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Hold on tight as homify 360° jets off to the largest city in South America—São Paulo, Brazil. A vibrant location with a rich history, São Paulo boasts an abundance of cultural institutions and a rich architectural tradition. And it is such a rich example that we are about to discover today…  

Award-winning architectural studio Studio MK27 treats us to a cube design that is nothing short of stunning. The cubic shape in architecture brings purity and simplicity into the design. A tried-and-tested shape of the modern style, cubic architecture is evidence that modern design and contemporary appeal can be just as easily accomplished with a compact geometric structure. 

Today we take Brazilian architecture and extend it into an innovative and ultra stylish space that is not just modern, but also artistic – pure heaven for the lovers of the modern style.

A night-time beauty

Like a modern lighthouse, the villa exudes brilliant rays of soft lighting to make its presence known. A simplistic structure with a subtle beauty that can’t be denied. 

We purposefully kicked off our tour with a night view to capture this villa in a striking double view – we can see the structure and materials that make up the facade, yet the insides (with its modern furnishings and decor) are also beautifully visible thanks to the interior lighting.  

Just look at those light beams bouncing off the wooden deck, right into the waters of the adjoining swimming pool. Who’s up for a cool night dip?

Controlled perfection

Cut to a morning view of the facade, with the changing light and shadows offering up a different vision. The teak-covered terrace takes up a significant portion of the lawn, yet we hear no sunbathers complaining. 

We are treated to a supreme act of colour-balance starring a grey concrete facade, emerald green grass, and the deep blue waters of the swimming pool – quite an impressive effect. 

Looking at the dense greenery, it is hard to believe we are in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Along with the body of water, the lush vegetation ensures an untouched, natural effect – like we’ve just stumbled onto a modern hideout in the middle of the jungle. But looks can be deceiving, as nothing was left to chance here – not even the garden. 

Clear geometric forms divide the yard into various zones of grass, plants, and water. The pool stretches along the entire length of the garden, catering for those who want to skip a mere dip and focus on some muscle-toning laps instead.

Along the modern lines

A beautiful close-up of the lush garden, neatly encasing the house in a dense, natural embrace. 

Upon viewing the ground floor’s ceiling, we see a series of parallel lines, mirrored on the floor. This makes up the guide rail for the glass sliding sections, and also works a treat to enhance the modern aspect of the architectural style (which can always be relied upon for a strong, linear design). 

A strapping, striking column helps to support the first floor, while its roundness offsets softly against the rigid structure of this cubist design.

Living large

From a thick, jungle-like garden we move into a modern oasis serving as the interior. Where the cubist architecture is firm and determined, the interior furnishings offer up a softer touch. 

The aim of contrast in interior design is to bring interest to the space. Here it is achieved perfectly by the lush burgundy carpet, expertly standing out among the pale floor, walls and ceiling. Joining the warm interior tones are two lush garnet-coloured sofas, as well as select areas on a round beach ball-like ottoman. 

A delicious helping of natural light is thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, closed here for a more private, intimate feeling. And for those who love their book collections in a structured order, an elongated bookshelf offers an abundance of areas for their A-Zs.

In or out… or both?

What do you do when you want to experience an al fresco dining evening, yet are unsure about those looming clouds? You opt for this stylishly open area which becomes one with the garden in the blink of an eye! 

What a difference those sliding glass doors make! Close them for an intimate evening, and open them when hosting a boisterous social event, connecting the interior with the exterior in an instant. This serves up the perfect socialising space in a country such as Brazil, which experiences favourable and warm weather for the majority of the year. 

The dining- and living rooms enjoy a seamlessly integrated floor plan, ensuring a “the more, the merrier” vibe when it comes to inviting the friends over.

Taking some unique steps

The playful staircase is enclosed on both sides by a whitewashed wall, and offsets beautifully against the tanned shade of the wood. That is the bottom stairs, though. Looking up, we see the bottom side of the second staircase leading to the top floor, with a brushed steel surface that blends in fantastically with the pale surrounding walls. 

This adds a unique industrial-style look and feel to the house, without losing the chic and sleek finishing of the modern interior.  

They are so much more than a mere connection to the next floor! See Which Staircase Fits The Best To My Home?

Working it

Up the stairs will lead us to the private office, where natural light is just as important as any deadline to be worked on here. 

The theme of the room here is productivity, as is evidenced by that elongated desk, which extends across the entire length of the room. Throw in a bookcase big enough to hold a healthy dose of reading material, some modern decor and furnishing, and we have a space that is ripe and ready for any project.   

As this room receives a tad less light than the rest of the house, decent ceiling fixtures were brought in to illuminate the working space once natural light retires for the day.

Ideal for relaxation

Leave the window open in this bedroom, and you’ll wake up to a cheerful stream of sunshine. Where the rest of the house shows off a modern style, the bedroom has gone for a minimalist route. Still far from boring and empty though, we have more wall areas and floor space to ensure a serene and tranquil spot – what else would one expect from a bedroom? 

Whether modern, rustic, or Scandinavian, a bedroom style is most important when it comes to carving out a unique slumber space. Feel free to delve into some visual inspiration for your bedroom.

A terrace to boast about

And just to reaffirm that we are, indeed, in the hustle and bustle of a major city, we are blessed with a sleek and spacious roof terrace that presents us with a breathtaking view. 

Warm wooden panelling are ready for those who prefer a more elevated level for sunbathing, with a magnificent 360° view of vegetation, the suburbs, and urban creations.  

But not to worry if the occasional rainfall should disturb your lounging time here; as we’ve already discovered, there’s a range of stylish spaces in the rest of the house to offer some memorable and elegant relaxation spots.

Clean and simple, yet one glamorous abode! What are your thoughts on the cubist house? 

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